Community Hub Proposal: Women Leaders in Web3

Please give a short description of the topic/cause for your Community Hub

The Women Leaders in Web3 Community Hub will be the center for all communities striving towards diversity, equity, and inclusion for women in Ethereum. Our hub will welcome women, nonbinary people, and allies to learn about Ethereum in a safe space. Our hub will highlight feminist and intersectional academics and literature as well as the history of women in computing.

What will you offer to the Devcon attendees?
Our hub will provide a combination of educational talks, interactive art, and intimate bonding sessions.

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) & office hour sessions will industry experts
  • DEI training (unconscious bias, microaggressions, intersectionality)
  • Meet & greet (speed-friending) sessions to make new like-minded friends
  • Wellness activities (guided meditations, standing yoga, breathing exercises)
  • Sharing Circles to invite the community to discuss their challenges and provide solutions
  • Women Leader panels & fireside cahts
  • Casual networking sessions
  • Hands on workshops (writing your first smart contract, multi-chain/cross-chain deployments)

Add a rough outline of your Community Hubs program

The Women in Web3 Hub will be open from October 11 to October 14 from 9am to 5pm.

Everyone in the Ethereum community is welcome to our hub, and we especially want allies of women to attend our programming.

A sample daily schedule will be as follows:

  • 9am-10am - Casual networking
  • 10am-11am - Ask Me Anything with a senior blockchain developer
  • 11am-12pm - The Importance of Intersectional Feminism in Crypto DEI training
  • 12pm-1pm - Casual networking
  • 2-3pm - Women in Web3 Leader panel
  • 3-4pm - Speed friending
  • 4-5pm - Guided meditation

List the people who will organise, oversee and be responsible for the Community Hub

Our organizers are women leaders in the LATAM Ethereum ecosystem. Our organizations empower women to learn how to develop decentralized apps and sponsor them to attend Ethereum hackathons.

  • Marysol Mauricio - Blu3 DAO LATAM
  • Laura Navarro Muñoz - Her DAO LATAM
  • Isabella De Brito - Talent Protocol
  • Stephanie Orpilla - Polygon
  • Juliette Chevalier - Surge Women
  • Melissa, Colleen, Jules, Laura - Aces of ApeWorx
  • Keri Clowes - Ethereum Foundation

List the equipment or production needs (see what’s possible in the RFP)

  • Signage
  • Comfortable chairs for AMA, panel, and DEI training sessions
  • Floor pillows for circle discussions, speed friending, and wellness activities
  • Projector and screen
  • Desks for hands on workshops
  • Whiteboards
  • Speakers for light ambient music

Having a space for Women in Web3 is really important. I believe this can be of great support, particularly for those that are early into their journey and are looking for a friendly and safe space to continue learning about the ecosystem and how to get involved.

Thrilled for such a space to exist.


This would be so epic! We all know what there’s to expect in these “crypto bro” events. And so having a dedicated space where womxn can meet and converse amongst themselves is amazing.

I would love to see DeVCon take an active role in diversity and inclusion initiatives like this one.


There is nothing more exciting to join forces with so many amazing Women DAOs! Let’s make this happen.


WOW! Seriously such a great initiative especially in living up to our ethos of web3 - working together and forming a strong alliance for bringing more women and non-binaries into the space. Would love to see more inclusion like this!


This is a must! It’s so important to provide a safe space for women where they can ask questions and express themselves. From past experiences from interacting with the associated DAOs, it was life changing! When you are apart of such supportive communities dedicated to helping you succeed in web 3.0, you grow a lot and achieve things you never thought you could. For this reason, I fully support this event and believe it will positively impact many of the women attending DevCon.


Great initiative! We should strive to support women and those from underrepresented communities in order for web3 to reach its full potential. I am in full support and so excited to help create a space where women can learn and build.


This is Kate from Blu3 DAO, this would be such a powerhouse collaboration and an amazing opportunity to support local women builders in Columbia at DevCon.


This would be amazing to have! One of the most common things I hear when women say they aren’t already in crypto is not having the right community + network to help get them going. This is needed even more when we look at women in LATAM. Its a win win for everyone + helps us bring in more qualified people into the space.


This is amazing! I’m Christina, a co-lead and core contributor with Blu3 DAO, and I’ve seen firsthand the difference having a space for women and non-binary folks makes in my community! Being able to make connections with other women at these events creates a sense of belonging and support. It’s one of the main reasons I feel so comfortable coming back to web3 conferences again and again.

I’m excited to see what this initiative can do to strengthen the community of womxn builders at DevCon!


Love seeing so many incredible communities of womxn come together to form this hub. As someone who has attended her fair share of confs, I can say from experience that a dedicated space like this is needed and in demand by attendees. It’s also worth noting that this community hub will benefit everyone – not just womxn by centering all types of voices. wAgmi. We’re ALL going to make Web3.


What a great project, uniting different communities for DevCon in Bogotá seams like the way to go to have a great impact!


Having a web3 space for women (who make up less than 1% of tech execs) is essential to aiding in closing the long-held gender gap. …Not to mention these conferences are more fun and foster amazing community engagement when there are spaces for fabulous women to gather.


This is Marysol from blu3 LATAM, having this space would help empower LATAM ladies and the community, education is the key and the path for adoption.


I am Mel a Core Contributor for Blu3 DAO, this is an amazing opportunity, community is the game changer! We grow faster together!


Hi I’m Shantelle a core contributor from Blu3 DAO and member of HER DAO. It’s so important that we build web3 in a way that reflects society. Gender inclusion and equity is incredibly important and having a dedicated space for this at DevCon is definitely needed!


Having this collaborative space to bring all of the women in web3 communities together is a big win for Ethereum! Stronger together :blue_heart: this is so important to provide to the local women of Colombia as a resource and safe space!


Isabella from Talent Protocol here - I’ve been to a couple of blockchain conferences over the past months and I wish I could have seen initiatives like this one in place: a space to connect with folks to discuss (and take action) towards a more diverse and equal web3 ecosystem. I fully support the creation of Women Leaders in Web3 hub at Devcon and I hope to see other conferences taking the same example!


Hi all, Our executive director at non-profit C4 (, Jessica, is passionate about inclusivity and would love to participate in this community hub teaching about Ethereum. We’d love to host an educational trivia session session, in English and Spanish. C4 developed and maintains the Certified Ethereum Professional exam and we would like to give coupon codes for the exam out as well.


Hey there, we would absolutely love that. It would be such a benefit to the community.

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