Deadline for Devcon 7 proposals?

Devcon 6 recently concluded. Around what timeframe should Devcon 7 proposals here be made?

I am assuming plenty of lead time is needed. Is the deadline for posting here in 1 month (end of Nov), 2 months (which is by end of 2022), or more?

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Proposals for new locations should come ASAP to be considered. The process of evaluating new locations already started.

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Thank you. I will pass along.

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We discussed it today and the deadline is the 1.11. now. So kinda ASAP but the call for suggestions was also open for a long time and there are also already a lot of quality applications.

OK just because 1.11 could be misinterpreted (as January 11) you must mean November 1? :sweat_smile:

Also, since Devconnect 2023 (if there’s one) will be sooner than Devcon, do you have information for Devconnect 2023 ?

Given the number of quality applications, is it also possible that one of them would be selected instead for Devconnect 2023?

November 1st is correct :slight_smile: