DIP-11: A Crypto-onboarding Escape Room

Here is the DIP draft:

Essentially, I’m proposing to revise and improve upon “The Spy Who Staked Me” which premiered at ETHBerlinZwei.

It’s an escape room with story and puzzles written with a crypto audience in mind. I’m not sure what else to say!


I can only vouch for this and say that “The Spy Who Staked Me” was a true piece of art!:slight_smile:


Hey @gichiba, as @ligi suggested it would be great to connect DIP-11 with DIP-4 (discuss here).

I have some ideas but I’d like to discuss them in private to have a “surprise factor” for our players :slight_smile:


POAP supports this initiative. First basic use cases are issuing a POAP NFT por anyone that participates and one of those that manage to escape.
A deeper integration is also possible for example using the POAP NFT of Devcon itself.
I (Patricio Worthalter) am also available to help with the translation efforts as I’m a native Spanish speaker.