Introducing Devcon After Dark!

Devcon After Dark

For the first time in Devcon history, we are keeping the venue OPEN LATE. Instead of ushering all attendees out of the building at 5 PM sharp, we are leaving the venue open until 11 PM to provide a space for continued collaboration and to provide an alternative to traditional parties and evening social events.

What to expect at Devcon After Dark:

  • Live music from Ethereum community members.
    Are you also an ETH musician? We’ll have some open jam sessions in the evenings! Join the music stage discussion on the Forum.
  • Game nights by Dark Forest & others
  • Happy Hour each day 6-8 PM
  • Group meetups
  • Topic specific breakout discussions
  • Chess tournament

If you would like to propose a community activity to take place in the venue during Devcon After Dark, share your idea here in this Forum category to coordinate and gauge interest.

Excited to hear about your ideas!

Deva :unicorn:


Hey all!

We at Arrakis.Finance are currently working on organizing a fireside chat and meetup.

The fireside chat is a discussion all around liquidity providing and the future of DEX liqudity, the participants of the discussion will be Kassandra (Ari) the CTO of Arrakis and Mark Toda from Uniswap.

As mentioned we are still in the process of organizing a event location for this fireside chat, thus thought it may be interesting to actually host it directly at Devcon after hours.

Please do let us know if this would be of interest and how we can best coordinate :slight_smile:


I previously posted the “Building Web3 Developer Communities Hub Proposal” which aimed to provide a Community Hub where the Web3 Developer Relations community could convene and share best practices, discuss synergies, and learn about how other protocols are attracting and retaining developer mindshare.

While that Community Hub was turned down, I’m sure the concept would make for a great Meet Up! Much of the Web3 DevRel world has familiarity with each other through Twitter and other social mediums, to create a spot where they convene IRL would be amazing.

The previous proposal had a lot of support. If this is a suitable meet up, we can look to mobilize supporters and make this a reality!

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Hi @Squirrel awesome, I’m interested