Issuance of Proof of Attendance NFTs with POAP

Dear Ethereum community,

It’s nice to have this space to propose and discuss ideas related to devcon.

The Proof of Attendance Protocol started issuing Non-fungible tokens to prove attendance to events in February 2019 during ETHDenver. From there we participated in most if not all ethereum Tier 1 events including EthCC, Dappcon, EthWaterloo, ETHLondon and many others. More so, the protocol is open so other organizers all around the world have been successfully finding new ways to engage with their communities by using POAP tokens.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we on boarded tens of different organizers and became a very popular Ethereum-based dapp in virtual communities like Decentraland and real-world-turned-to-be-virtual like ETHGlobal. Participants of Hack Money and Ethereal very much enjoyed getting their proof of attendance to virtual events.

POAP intends to give people a taste of “true ownership” by giving them a collectible that can’t be seized. Once they get that, we also facilitate other tools to experiment with decentralized technologies.

There are several applications on the POAP ecosystem, see this non-exhaustive list:

  • (
    A website for anyone to run polls where the participants need to hold certain POAP for being elligible to vote.
    This product is fully functional, free to use for both organizers and voters and could be very helpful for polling about devcon decisions asking the holders of the Devcon5 or other events.

  • (
    A website for anyone to run raffles where the eligibility criteria are POAP tokens.
    Lots of Ethereum meetups (ETHChicago, Ethereum Buenos Aires, ETHBerlin, Ethereum Los Angeles, ETHLondon, EthSantiago, Ethereum Kuala Lumpur, etc) have been using POAP and sometimes this communities have little representation in devcon because of the travel costs. Discounted devcon tickets (or actually anything) can be raffled across different groups of interest.
    As with, everything is free for both the organizer and the participants. Both products use signed message brokering so no transactions are submitted to mainnet, eliminating the need of ETH to pay for mining fees.

  • (
    This dapp allows the creation of permissioned chat channels (in Telegram and Discord) for sparking sibyl resistant spontaneous group chats. Members of groups of interest (example: attendees of a ZK-tech related keynote) can chat to each other anonymously with the interference of external participants.

There are several different ways to issue POAPs. In the case of Devcon the main objective to accomplish are:

  • Every participant gets a POAP NFT.
  • Nobody (to a reasonable extent) can get more than one POAP
  • It’s not possible to associate a POAP to a physical person (delivery process needs to preserve privacy)

It was very glad to see that in the delivery process of Devcon 5 these 3 objectives were generally achieved. The POAPs redemption QR codes were handed out on a little piece of swag and with a leaflet and 598 tokens were claimed.

For Devcon 6 our baseline target is to achieve the same 3 core objectives, and ideally increase education and adoption by using the tokens on differents parts of the experience, for example as awards for the winners of the Treasure Hunt Game

The wish of the POAP core team is that the activities around Devcon are designed and executed by the community, so we kindly everyone to join this topic expressing your interest on participating in this initiative and sharing your thoughts.


I’m totally in support of this. I love my little POAP tokens (but I love my badges better).


POAPs have been something I’ve really enjoyed receiving for the many ethereum events I’ve attended over the last two years. Would love to do the same at, what I hope is, my first Devcon.


Really excited about all that’s coming to POAP in the next few months! :sunglasses:

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+1 big POAP fan and collector. People in the personal token space are discussing using personal tokens as permissions to access communities. Maybe there is some crossover here in POAP token applications.

nice! Seems this one has a lot of fans/traction. But we need a DIP/PR to move this forward and get the devcon team to look over it and decide if it will happen. As there are multiple ideas in here - maybe a MVP PR and separate PR’s with the extended ideas.

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Agree that for a variety of reasons it’s better to present this ideas unbundled from each other.

I will create the Minimum Viable POAP DIP. Community members are encouraged to step forward to help with the organization of other interactions (like POAPs for specific talks/workshops/activities) including the usage of Interested parties feel free to reach out to me by email on worthalter AT poap . xyz, telegram at @patricioworthalter or discord at worthalter#0001


Yay I love POAPs! Didn’t know about, that’s actually pretty cool, too!

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Thank you Franzi and everyone else for your support.

Today we published an article explaining why we are building POAP. It makes a clear case for why it’s so important for POAP to be part of Devcon:

Finally, our DIP is live on the official devcon repository:

Feedback is very welcome.

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