Launching Devcon Satellites!

What are Devcon Satellite Events?

:earth_americas: Devcon Satellite Events are an experiment to decentralize Devcon VI, to give the opportunity to foster a community amongst those who can’t make it to Bogotá due to distance, timing, costs, limited space, or other constraints, and to boost local Ethereum communities.

:pizza: Devcon Satellite Events can be just a simple get-together of friends watching the live streams with pizza, or bigger meetups to rewatch the keynote talks at a time that’s better suited for your community.

:calendar: These Satellite events should take place around Devcon Week: roughly 7-23 October 2022. They are self-organized and totally independent.

:unicorn: This idea is a result of a Devcon Improvement Proposal submitted by community member abcoathup.

How to organize a Devcon Satellite Event

Devcon and the Ethereum’s Ecosystem Support Program are teaming up to support the 10 best submissions for Devcon Satellite meetups around the globe with up to $1000 each!

Please apply via the Road to Devcon grants to submit your proposal for a Devcon Satellite Event. Deadline: October 7, 2022

Some ideas for Devcon Satellite Events

  • Small events: 5-25 people; A meetup to watch the live streams with pizzas
  • Medium events: 25-50 people; Showing recorded keynote talks or the best talks around a specific topic + in-person discussion rounds
  • Large events: 100-200 people coming together in a venue with organized tickets & catering, a live broadcast of what’s happening, and workshops or discussion panels


  • Apply via the Road to Devcon grants until October 7
  • Have an event Host
    • A Host is the teams/organization/groups/individuals that are ‘owners’ of a particular event. From structure of event, to specific content to selection of attendees, the host is tasked with generally being the owner of the event.
  • Have a focus on education related to Ethereum, Devcon, and beyond.


  1. Apply via the Road to Devcon grants application to submit your Devcon Satellite event (it should take place around 7-23 October 2022)
  2. Deadline: October 7, 2022

We’re excited for your ideas and submissions! Comment below for questions and clarifications.
Create a topic to discuss your ideas for Devcon Satellites in your city & to coordinate!

EF Devcon team :unicorn: