Onchain tickets powered by Unlock Protocol

At Unlock, we built a protocol for memberships!

Tickets are a special kind of membership: non-recurring, earned or purchased, and the Unlock Protocol has been used to power tickets at many events in the web3 space, from EthCC to Dappcon through ETHTaipei, ETHWarsaw, and many side events at your favorite conferences. Attendees who use Unlock do not need to have their own wallet (even though they are encouraged to if they are attending an Ethereum-related conference!), and our front-end supports in any ERC20 on many L2 (Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Scroll, ZkSync…), as well as Ethereum Mainnet. We also offer a system where people can pay with cards (all brands supported by Stripe).

Why NFT tickets?

Each ticket is an NFT, meaning users can “prove” that they own a valid ticket by connecting their wallet to any site or application. They an also generate a QR code to “prove” the validity of their ticket (a regular phone with a camera can be used to scan it!) in physical spaces. It is also possible to create NFC bagdes instead of QR codes. Being on-chain is the only way to guarantee full interoperability where users don’t have to “worry” about keep track of credentials themselves and 3rd party applications can just use the ERC721 balanceOf function to check if someone owns a valid ticket.

The Unlock “stack”

Unlock, at its core is a protocol, which means that it is extensible and can be used with any front-end.
It is also possible to easily add a mechanism to “control” the flow of purchases. For example, our contracts have “hooks” that can be used to create allow-lists and passwords (onchain, but safe!) or even have a constant but “slow” release of tickets that avoid congestion and gas wars.

Many events have multiple “classes” of tickets, and that is trivial to achieve with Unlock through the use of multiple contracts, for early-birds, general attendees, sponsors, speakers… etc.

Finally, for us, being on chain does not mean “immutability” (but it does mean accountability). Organizers can cancel tickets, re-allocate them, mint more… etc at any point, like they would do for a typical offchain ticketing application.

The Unlock Labs team (who built the core protocol) also built a front-end event application that can be used to manage attendees. It also provides a “checkout” interface that can be used to collect attendee details and allow them to send purchase transactions. The contract(s) can be deployed on any chain and specify their “default” currency (either native ETH or any ERC20 on said chain). Our checkout UI supports both “swap and pay”, which lets a user swap any token in their wallet for the currency (ie. a user can pay with Ether which gets swapped in USDC and eventually into a ticket in a single transaction), or even “cross-chain purchase” which lets a user send a transaction from a different network L1 or L2 and get their NFT attached to their wallet address on the chain of the contract. In true crypto/open-source fashion, we are using other ecosystem players (Uniswap and Decent) to provide these things: composability FTW!

Finally, we also support fiat (card, apple/google paye) payments using Stripe, or Crossmint’s powerful APIs.

Our ask

Choosing a ticketing provider for Devcon is an extremely impactful decision. We believe Unlock’s ticketing solution is a great solution, and we would love to see the Ethereum Foundation provide a description of needs, as well as a description of the process to select the final solution in order to guarantee a free and transparent process, as well as accountability for the providers!



Hi there,

I would like to second @Julien_Genestoux 's idea.

I was a user first before becoming part of the Unlock DAO. What convinced me most of all, aside from the many flexible possibilities to integrate Unlock Protocol, is the fact that it is an extremely frictionless protocol. The user experience is at the center of this product, which makes all the difference. You want your visitors (users) to have a seamless experience and still get the most out of it! With Unlock as a partner, I see that happening <3

Throughout the past few years and visiting many events in the Web3 space, I learned, to my surprise, that some builders still feel very uncomfortable using their wallets and engaging with protocols on-chain. Showcasing right at the entrance how easy these things can be might help to set a really great standard as a conference in general.

I would be beyond excited to see this happening and hopefully it is ok for me to say Unlock DAO as well <3


I’ve used Unlock for ticketing amongst other things (proof of attendance, certifications etc), it is a great and easy way to use on-chain tools in a way that still syncs with email, CC, as well as crypto.

In my opinion, as an ecosystem we need to move towards using more of our on-chain tooling vs web2 solutions for events and conferences.

It would be really exciting to see Devcon use Unlock Protocol, not just for ticketing, but also as a way to drop certification NFTs to the speakers, hub organizers etc to help with creating on-chain identity reputation markers for them.


As a Developer and Event coordinator, I’ve enjoyed using the Unlock protocol. Implementing unlock for events is easy and intuitive. The protocol is flexible and easy to integrate with other token standards making it a great use case for DAOs or other membership-related use cases. I think it is also important to note that the team offers incredible support and has a very quick response time when posting issues in Discord. 10/10 would recommend for DevCon ticketing solution.


As a developer and community leader in the budding African web3 ecosystem, in Nigeria to be specific.
I must say it has been an amazing experience using Unlock both as a developer and as an event organizer and it is worth noting how easy to use it has been not just for me, but also for the newbies being onboarded to web3. Most of which are interacting with the blockchain for the first time.
Therefore, I strongly recommend using Unlock for Devcon because web3 protocols need to do more dogfooding of our protocols and tools, and Unlock makes it really easy to do that for organizers and attendees from providing an intuitive interface to interact with the protocol to hands on support, and robust documentation.


As the lead developer of a web3 membership platform, I’ve leveraged Unlock Protocol for both ticketing and digital memberships.
I’ve seen firsthand its potential to transform event experiences. For Devcon, Unlock stands out as a robust choice. It simplifies the ticketing process without sacrificing the security and flexibility needed for a premier web3 event. Based on my experience, Unlock could significantly contribute to making Devcon more accessible, secure, and innovative.


We got a chance to use NFT ticketing for our event of FILBangalore23.
Overall experience was smooth, with utilities like airdropping the keys it allowed us a event organisers to provide the attendees with seamless NFT claim experience.
We were able to distribute 2300+ NFTs to the attendees without any much hassle.
Unlock team was super active in resolving the doubts and queries, nonetheless @julien51 was always available to help us with custom code scripts as per our requirements during the drop.

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Hi Julien!
Thank you for submitting your DIP! We are discussing this with the team, and will respond to you soon!

Devcon team


I am writing here on behalf of LexDAO.org, a legal engineering guild where we are using Unlock for our membership needs. They are the first solution we have seen which integrates on-chain and off-chain as well as a proper use of recurring memberships using updateable store values to manage. The most critical component is that they have taken so much care into the UX/UI. Their team has been a dream to work with.

In a recent AMA with them I was completely surprised to learn that some of these ETH events (namely ETH Denver) weren’t using them for their on-chain ticketing functionality. Or any on chain ticket system for that matter and am glad to see this on their Business Dev roadmap.

We cited them in our January newsletter. The master file is located here. Here

We highly advocate that organizations continue to support their projects. You can view more about lexdao at LexDAO.org and reach out to assistantoperator@lexdao.org if you want any detailed testimonial on our robust usage of their platform.

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Wohooo that is awesome to hear <3

Hi! Valentina here from the Unlock team. Wanted to check in in case there are any questions that come up as you evaluate your needs from a ticketing provider. We can discuss your needs and work together to find the best solution for Devcon.

Hi everyone,

We appreciate the suggestion to make Unlock the ticketing provider for Devcon and Devconnect, as well as your dedication to making NFTs the primary method for Web3 event ticketing. We want to take this opportunity to clarify our decision-making process, as well as some of our overall goals.

One of our team’s main goals is to experiment with and showcase newer concepts and technologies within Ethereum. Take our most recent experiment with Zupass/Proof-carrying Data (PCDs) at Devconnect IST, for example. After the success of the Zuzalu event in Montenegro, where ZK-based ticketing was used & enthusiastically endorsed by Vitalik, we decided to use the same tech for Devconnect at the Cowork Space.

The flexibility of an open-source platform like Pretix, with a well-designed plug-in system, is pivotal for us. It not only allows us to experiment without maintaining a fork or requesting changes upstream, but allows for easy integration with various technologies (see: Zupass used at Devconnect, Attestations used at Devcon VI, or even new payment systems altogether) which aligns with our ethos of dogfooding — specifically, using our own conferences as platforms to trial and innovate with emerging tech & concepts being refined. The PCD experiment was insightful, offering advantages like enhanced privacy (tickets not revealed on a blockchain), reduced complexity and costs (no blockchain transactions or gas fees), and the ability to support complex claims tailored to our event’s specific needs.

While we recognize the success of NFT-based ticketing systems used across many events, we’re interested in both on- & off-chain cryptographic solutions. We value the privacy and flexibility PCDs offer, especially in terms of compatibility across different roll-ups and chains and their emphasis on privacy through off-chain cryptographic attestations.

While we value & aim to use open-source tech where possible, any list of requirements for a ticketing solution is overshadowed by our primary goal of staying at the forefront of Ethereum tech & being open to new paradigms not previously known. We have no qualms with NFT tickets; but our current goals and priorities lead us down a different path.

We again wish to convey that this is not a dismissal of the value or potential of NFT tickets. There are some advantages of having tickets as NFTs, and we have considered them against the advantages of off-chain PCD-style tickets. For Devcon’s specific objectives at this moment, we are likely to continue building on top of our existing infrastructure, including continued dogfooding of PCDs and Zupass. Our goals and perspective may shift in the future, and we remain open to future collaborations where our technological paths might converge more closely.

Devcon team

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