RFC DIP Undercover security campaign

Given how widespread hacks are in crypto, and that many of those hacks come from poor opsec from holders, a security awareness campaign could have a major impact in an event as large as Devcon. I’d like to push for an undercover security awareness campaign, analogous to the one run by TheRedGuild on Ethereum Argentina, and suggest TheRedGuild themselves to lead it with support from the organizers - as long as TheRedGuild team is up for it!


Love the idea! Their campaign at Ethereum Argentina is super cool. :grinning:

Security training is always a good thing! Would just be opposed to “Playing with WiFis” …
What support by the organizers would be needed?

Daedalus is still working on a public proposal for DevconSEA treasure hunt escape game (watch this space)…

Ordinarily ‘let’s combine the ideas’ is a scary prospect for project management, but in this case there are some really strong thematic and style overlaps between a security awareness campaign and a crypto-onboarding treasure hunt – we’d be open to collaborating with theRedGuild to create a crossover challenge or two within the game!

Imagine if you had treasure hunt participants, as part of the game challenges:

  • helping enact some of the harmless attack examples
  • helping to defend against them in some way (collecting malicious USB drives after receiving ‘intel’)

Hi there!

Just joined to be able to reply :).

First of all, thanks Palla for suggesting this and everyone else for your support. I’m writing on behalf of the team to let you folks know that we are aware of this DIP, and are currently discussing it internally.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have something to share, or propose.


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great, keep us posted!
and let us know what support you’d need from Devcon side