2020 Virtual Devcon

The community did many improvements this year: EIP-1159, Medalla Testnet, Reddit Scaling Bakeoff, multiple launches. The idea is to share this year’s advances while testing some features that can be implemented on Devcon 6.

PR can be found on:

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Virtual Devcon can be hosted in the Metaverse

Decentraland Conference Center
Somnium Radio / Times
CryptoVoxels WIP (Weekly Work in Progress)
Sandbox (TBD)

Will lead to a much more global event


Sounds interesting, worst case scenario it can be done using some conference software for the talks. I would like to see people hanging out on virtual world.

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DCL is set up amazing for this.

Hi @crisgarner (and @Digitible) ! Thanks for sharing your ideas and for contributing to making Devcon the best it can be! We really do appreciate your time and enthusiasm.

We’re with you here — there is plenty of progress/updates/announcements to share with the community from 2020! The decision to not to do a virtual Devcon was a conscious one and not one we took lightly. Taken straight from our blog post, we wanted to avoid “simply serving up the least bad contingency or substitute option for the community and calling it “Devcon” when we’ve just pledged to do things right.” A Virtual Devcon would have been just this.

We do recognize the void that will exist in the absence of Devcon this year, and that is why we committed to helping other community-run events fill the void. One such event is ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline event which was recently announced! It will have a programming aspect (organized into Summits) where we’ll hear updates from the community, as well as a hackathon component (but register soon to save a spot). It’ll be available to those all around the world, and will run throughout all of October. CCing @heather from EG to fill in any details I’m missing!

We encourage all community members to check that out, and keep an eye out for more announcements soon on Devcon 2021 dates and more!!

I agree, at this moment, organizing a virtual devcon might be an stretch and a toll to organizers, compromising quality. LF ETH Online Event!