A Skyweaver tournament for an e-sports experience for the community

Hey all, just wanted to propose this idea for Devcon!

Horizon Blockchain Games can host a Skyweaver Tournament for a DAI prizepool. This tournament can be streamed on a large screen at the main stage or in the community area of the convention, for all guests to view as they pass by. Two people from HBG will host the event and commentate the matches for an e-sports experience at Devcon.

Would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Super cool idea! Some basic questions right of bat:

  • Would it be limited to attendees at Devcon? I’m not sure it should be – just curious what you’re thinking. Maybe…
  • How much time would you need for the tourament? (i.e., if we are to dedicate a screen to cast the entire thing)
  • Would you need physical space in the venue for players of the game to congregrate?
  • How many people would you roughly guess would participate? Are we talking like 10s or 100s or 1000s? Just curious

Cool idea, thanks for sharing, let’s keep ideating!

Hey there!!
This would be limited to attendees at Devcon since it would be an on-site event :).
The time required would likely be 4-6 hours on whichever stage we end up being able to use.
Yes, we would require booth space to make this work. It would be nice to have access to a room or something, but I think for preliminary matches, we would just have them at our booth perhaps. The tournament would likely be limited to less than 20 minutes. Each Skyweaver game takes about 15-20 min max, but some players can be very clever and have ways of extending it. Given that, we would plan to only stream games that fit within our allocated timeslot. So if we only have a few hours, we’d only stream the finals. The amount of time we can get will determine some tourney logistics (like whether we are doing a best of 3 or just a single elimination type).

Thanks so much!

Hey @ashavari!

Following back up on this — I think this sounds like a cool idea! As next steps I would suggest submitting a more detailed DIP through github for the team to more formally consider the idea! How’s that sound?

We have some time before Devcon with the recently announced postponement, but it doesn’t hurt to get started on these ideas sooner than later!