Add SIWE to this forum

Allow people to sign into this forum using Sign In With Ethereum, and optionally Push (formerly EPNS) notifications for updates.


at least the first part is on the agenda. There is a plugin for discourse that seemed to be matured now:

We tried another one a while ago but that had some problems. We will try again - this is great dogfooding.
cc @shivam.agrawal

this is great dogfooding.

I think the EY blockchain folks now prefer to call that “drinking our own champagne” :wink: .

Love the positive sentiment on one side. But this is kind of a mouth full - prefer one word and also being realistic - IMHO we are very early and closer to dogfood than champagne ,-)

It seems like the ENS Governance DAO uses SIWE on Discourse; that might be a good place to check things out.

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Thanks - tried it out: SIWE Discourse plugin - 💬 General Discussion - ENS DAO Governance Forum