Adopt a Frailejón

Let’s plant Frailejones to protect water!

Cumbres Blancas it’s an organization who aims to regenerate the Páramos of Colombia thorough the cultivation of Frailejones since 2018.

Frailejones are the guardians and producers of water on the mountains but they are in danger because of climate change.
To keep this ecosystem alive we are offering people the opportunity to adopt one Frailejón that we will plant on it’s name being part of this mission. frailejones absorb 4 times more carbon that a regular tree.

Now that the Merge is real, we are inviting artists to develop NFTs of the Frailejón to start a web3 community of supporters that wants to mitigate our human-technology footprint. We would like to join the Offset - carbon neutral program of Ethereum community to create a phygital infinite garden!

For Devcon we would like to plant 500 Frailejones in the Páramos around Bogotá in the name of Ethereum and in celebration of the merge!

Our NFT will be able on DoinGud pretty soon.
Follow our journey on IG @cumbresblancascolombia

Regens vibes for all,

The cumbres Blancas Team

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