Augmenting DIP-1 - Allowing Devcon attendees to carbon offset their attendance

DIP-1 has already been accepted, but we did not manage to become integrated into the booking system in time.

As such we are proposing an augmentation that allows nearly the same functionality without requiring changes to the booking system:

We will create a Devcon landing page on which allows all attendees to offset their Devcon attendance. For those that have already bought their ticket, they will be emailed a link for them to do so. Once have the dapp and contracts live we would ask that the link be included in the original confirmation email, and perhaps have the link included in the ticketing process if this is reasonable.

Once they land on the webpage the user is presented with the ability to mint an NFT who’s purpose is to indicate the state of their neutrality claim. In order to mint the NFT the user must first deposit a quantity of NCT tokens.

NCT (Nature Carbon Tonne) tokens can be redeemed for the underlying carbon project carbon credit tonnes, and it’s these underlying tonnes which are retired.

Such redemption and retirement will take place with NCT during minting of the NFT.

The quantity of NCT will be determined before the event and will be a base amount that covers the footprint of a single attendance at the event (excluding flights etc - see below for “opportunities to collaborate” section below).

The process of burning the tokens equates to carbon offset retirement and takes the underlying carbon credits out of circulation, allowing the user to make an ecological claim.

Opportunities to collaborate

We would like to provide only the base NFT and minting contract that offsets, and would invite the community to collaborate in building other aspects of the offsetting functionality.

Examples of opportunities for collaboration are:

  1. Visualize this carbon neutral badge NFT
  2. Contribute towards the development of additional footprint measurement parameters, that are used to calculate the quantity of NCT to be used in order to mint for example flight calculations for individuals. This may include a widget, or api to allow for this calculation in order to get the individual attendee’s footprint.

This is a great Idea. Meta Carbon has a Badge NFT in the form of a Hawksbill Turtle which is native to Cartagena, Colombia and can be used as a badge. Additionally, we have already built out the travel measurement tools that would lead to the Toucan retirement in the form of a white label Travel Footprint Calculator (here’s one example):

This can be customized for colors, fonts and other factors through our configurator (takes about 5 minutes). It measures flights, taxis, hotels (including factors for Colombian hotels), etc.

It can be embedded anywhere, it has an affiliate program behind it so we can track all the sales and allocate them to Devcon. It currently is using offsets from StandForTrees, but can be pointed at any offset provider including Toucan’s BCT or BNT. It can also issue the Turtle NFT Badges in the checkout.

It’s already up and running and in use by other travel and tourism sites.

We’re happy to provide it for free (normally we make money on the carbon sales, but whatever).