Become a Node of the Devchain Room presenting to the devs

Become a Node of the Devchain Room presenting your idea, project or workshop in a first come first serve basis (blocks creation).

The Devchain Room is configured in an hybrid mode between conference/workshop and a capacity up to 150 people.


  1. To get a slot we have to be on the entry door, where a wireless device will give us (through any wireless connection to be improved in the Devon App) a timestamped signed message to verify our location and humanity with clu3 service, so we sign onchain our application.
  2. If we are not at door 15 minutes prior our presentation starts, when we need to send a second signed timestamped meesage with the check-in, our slot is revoked and we get banned from this Devcon edition Devchain Room presenting.
  3. If previous thing happen, the slots gets free and a new application can enter to get it. We are not moving and calling next applicants for self organization reassons.
  4. A code of conduct should be developed by Devcon team.

There should be a Discord channel for self-promotion and presentations discuss, at least during the event.

All the presentations are streamed and recorded in a single video as a the Devchain.

Thanks for reading, sorry for any typo/misspell.