Billion Reasons to Build, Bangkok: SEA Web3 Builders

Introduction / Summary

Devcon 2024 is an opportunity to celebrate not just the global Ethereum community, but that in Southeast Asia as well. We propose a collaborative, builder-focused meetup sponsored by companies with a major presence across Asia to celebrate, engage, and support the devs and founders building solutions in this part of the world.

  • This is a proposal started by Push Protocol (, but with the goal to work with other companies that have a major presence across Asia and, in particular, SEA.
  • This proposal is formulated as a single day of workshops, but can expand to multi-day depending on interest.
  • Push Protocol has successfully hosted Billion Reasons to Build developer tour (see below), with historical participation of 5,200 attendees.
  • Billion Reasons to Build was started as an India-focused event series, and we now hope to collaborate to bring the idea to a wider community of Asian builders, devs, and founders.

About Billion Reasons to Build (BRB)

In late 2023, Billion Reasons to Build (BRB) was launched by Push Protocol in India ( From August to December 2023, BRB traveled to 18 different cities across India, hosting meetups with local developers, builders, and founders in each location. The events, with support from Ethereum Foundation, Filecoin, Polygon, ETHGlobal, ChainSafe, The Graph, Aragon, Alchemy, Biconomy and others, engaged 5k+ attendees and distributed over $50,000 USD in grants and prizes.

BRB India resulted in builders solving one of its hardest coding challenges belonging to the Ethereum Foundation – quantum proofing the Ethereum Network.

BRB Bangkok Objectives

  • Bring together founders and builders from across SEA and Asia to discuss their projects, seek solutions, and connect with other teams.
  • Allow visiting teams to talk to builders and founders in SEA to learn what the crypto ecosystem is like, what users are searching for, and how to break into new markets.
  • Extend the BRB vision and mission beyond India and beyond Push Protocol.

We propose a 1 day event at a location near the official Devcon event space. Our goal would be to host a full day of a workspace — in addition to at least a half day of workshops, panels, and discussions.

Call for Support
We would like to co-host this event with other companies either 1) interested in broadening their exposure to the Asia / SEA market, or 2) already active in the Asia / SEA market. We have a playbook from the BRB India event, but are also planning to adjust the event to meet the themes of Devcon and the goal of this full one day event.


You can count with us to host a workshop or something! :muscle: :grin:


I attended a Push Protocol sponsored talk at Blockchain LATAM Summit in Bogota in October which was great. Even better were the Push Protocol ambassador’s I met while living there who I ended up hanging out and coworking with regularly. I would like to attend any event Push helps create at Devcon this year!


After observing the BRB event last year and Push’s presence across all of ETH India as well as in Singapore, it is clear to me how invaluable these workshops will be in inculcating the right kind of builder+founder energy!

BRB Bangkok sounds exciting and I’ll be supporting by sharing about this event among in the region (SEA and beyond) through our Devcon-aligned Keeping It Simple Sessions as well. Richa, Harsh, and the Push team have helped mentor 1000+ fellows so far through their talks at Kernel.

Devcon and Push have similar goals and values towards web3 and it will be exciting to experience this collaboration through BRB Bangkok.


What would you need from DEVCon side?

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After seeing the results of BRB, I believe this proposal will bring good result to the ecosystem

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Great initiative to seek solutions, discuss common points, and connect with other teams. Hopefully it will be more than a one day event, and of course in favor from Push DAO in extending BRB’s mission around the world.


Thank you for the comments so far, everyone! :pray:

Our primary ask from Devcon is if there is a way to incorporate an event like this into the programming without distracting or fragmenting anything else happening around Devcon. One thought of ours is a space at the venue (like on the main floor of Bogota’s Devcon center) for BRB where developers can come and find resources, job opportunities, etc. from any company that wishes to make that information available.

Or, Devcon might tell us that they don’t feel there’s a way to incorporate BRB into the days of the event without distracting people from the primary programming. If that is the case, we can explore partnerships with some organizations that are planning pre- and post- Devcon activations.