BogoHacks Collaborative: Devcon Community Hub Proposal


We are excited to bring people within the ETH Ecosystem together by providing a Community Hub at Devcon. We Intend to bring awareness of the newest developments, projects successes, and what is needed most for the Ethereum space.

Everyone within the community is invited! Whether they be new to web3 or an expert hacker, we are excited to provide a space where anyone can participate in conversations, discussions, and presentations focused on:

  • Scaling
  • Security
  • ZK Tech
  • DeFi improvements
  • Web2 Integrations
  • Metaverse
  • Diversity in the ecosystem
  • Hackathons
  • Web3 Standards
  • Blockchain for social good
  • NFTs
  • Anything EVM tech-focused!

Hackathon winners will also be invited to share their projects and ideas with the community, diving deep into what drives them forward in web3 and creating discussions based on their winning product.

There are a lot of improvements to be made in all industries, and with forward-thinking people, we hope to incubate new ideas to improve the web3 ecosystem. Metis is a network made by people for the people, and we will embody that within the Devcon Community Hub.

What we will offer to Devcon attendees

  • Office Hours
    • We will provide a morning activity (ie zen garden, yoga, meditation, coffee class and sampling. TBD) from 8AM-10AM for attendees to relax, find grounding, and get ready for the day.
    • Each day at 11am then again at 2pm, members of the Metis team will provide office hours on the topic that drives them forward in the space. Attendees will be able to meet with leaders within the industry to converse and exchange ideas and opinions.
    • Community content, in which verified attendees who have applied to present their work from the recent hackathons or verified attendees who have applied to lead a discussion round, will be open everyday from 2pm-6pm. We will create a submission form to apply for a time slot for their presentation.
    • A team member will be available in the Hub from 10am-6pm. Night Owl Hours begin at 6pm and will remain open until 11pm when the conference venue closes, allowing devs and attendees to continue collaborating, or to retreat to and enjoy the amenities as the day winds down.
  • Community Content: Discussion Rounds spread throughout the day
    • Attendees will be able to schedule a discussion round to speak and invite others to join in the Hub. These discussion time slots will be 20-40 minutes (like a keynote).
  • Community Content: Learning Material
    • In parallel to discussion rounds, we will offer Metis team member and peer-based workshops on how to exist on the blockchain from beginner to expert level
  • Interactive experiences
    • Speak with team members and peers within web3- getting information from the source!
    • Kahoot: we will host an educational game anyone can join and have the opportunity to win prizes! (prizes can be Ledger set, VPN subscription, NFT drop, Powerbank, earbuds, headphones, microphone, backpack, all ethnetwork swagbag, ect, TBD)

Community Hubs Program Outline

Our Community Hub will be open and run in parallel to Devcon, 8 AM - 11 PM.

Community Hub members and organizers will be present from 10am - 6 pm, after 6pm there will be Night Owl Hours where attendees will have a quiet space to work until close at 11pm. These hours are tentative and may be changed.

Daily outline:

8am -10am | Morning activity (ie yoga, meditation, calm music, coffee/tea ed, need ideas)

10am-11am | Hacker/Dev dedicated presentation, discussions, or workshop

11am-12pm | Metis Team Member led discussion/workshop

12pm-13pm | lunch break, no scheduling

13pm-14pm | Kahoot/ interactive game to win prizes (wake up)

14pm-15pm | Metis Team Member led discussion/workshop

15pm-18pm | Peer presentation/discussion/ workshop

18pm | night-cap, goodbyes, Night Owl Hours begin

Dedicated People:

Organizers: Iryna, Cat, Sheyda

Metis Community Hub Members and Discussion Topics

Matt: OR vs ZK Being Tech Agnostic // Horizontal Scalability & Mass Adoption // Driving Utility in a Speculative Market// W2 to W3 Integration
Natalia: Raising Funds for Your Startup: A Mindful How-To
Yuan: Mainstream Adoption of Web3
Jose: Fintech Web2 to Web3 integration workshop
Elena: Soulbound Token, creating a blockchain for social good
Ashley: Web3 Education & Public Goods

Equipment/ Production needs:

A TV with HDMI input will already be provided


Working area:

  • Signage
  • Chairs
  • Tables/desks
  • Whiteboard/materials
  • Outlets/charging station

These items are TBD upon approval and size of Community Hub

  • Yoga mats & Teacher
  • Zen Gardens
  • Decor
  • Coffee masterclass(WE ARE IN THE LAND OF COFFEE)
  • Snacks/coffee/tea
  • Interactive NFT art
  • Interactive games to step back and chill (Chess, Gaming Consoles, etc)
  • Bean Bag Chairs//Siesta Sacks
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