Bring the Devcon community together with Phi lands

Thread explaining Phi’s educational and community building value props.

Objective: Encourage Devcon team, volunteers, attendees, and their communities to create lands and merge them. This can result in increased Social media engagement, and bring the community together in a metaverse like platform, while spreading web3 education.

The goal is to be the first conference with an object representing participation.

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Hey Carlos, this sounds interesting. How can we start doing it? Sounds appealing to think on a digital version for people that can’t attend Devcon.

Have you seen any conferences using Phi Lands for that use case?

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Hi Juandavid.

The first step is creating a partnership with Phi. Create objects to represent different levels of participation; attendee, volunteer, core, etc.

Then launch an onboarding campaign with their marketing team. This can consist of a quest, join spaces, onboarding materials, and a look forward to what may come next from the next conference.

No other conference has done this.

This can be a creative and engaging way to bring attention back to Devcon and Devconnect before the real promotion starts.

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