Careers hub at Devcon - newbies and ninjas

Conferences often have a careers hub where people hiring and people looking to get hired can go and submit their details. It’d be cool for a Devcon style one with people in industry giving talks on how to get started, get hired, get upskilled whatever.
It’d be nice of there was a mix of offerings too, something for already hired dev ninjas and something for newbies with no coding experience but keen to learn. Maybe some kind of mentorship stuff could work? Maybe not, dunno.
Anyway, if anyone knows where I can find some devs for very entry level paid work, hit me up!

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Hey @Quiveringsphinx,

I think there are a couple of points to consider wrt hiring / job fairs, but in general I like the idea! Bigger sponsors, that will have a booth at Devcon, usually advertise their open positions in their booth. You can kind of see the sponsors area as a “job fair” as well.

But I’m very much a fan of also making this more a community-owned thing. Ideas that come to my mind are:

  • A physical or digital job board (I prefer physical on-site at Devcon) with two sides: “looking for work” / “job ads”
  • A speed-dating evening for jobs where the two parties can meet (with badges to wear “looking for job” / “hiring”)

Also a big fan of these ideas and of making this effort more community-owned.

Any additional thoughts or ideas from anyone here on how we can best use Devcon to connect job seekers w/ projects seeking hires and visa versa?

@Quiveringsphinx or anyone else here interested in helping organize/formalize this (particularly thinking of the speed-dating/networking event) as a community-driven initiative @ Devcon?