CO2ken — Carbon-neutral Devcon!

This is where we can discuss all things carbon offsetting and the CO2ken DIP.


Love this DIP and happy to have this one setting a great example as DIP-1! Just putting this link here for easier access:

And thinking about it a bit longer I propose the following:

  • Instead of making it a one-off thing we use a simple smart contract that represents a forest and yields let’s say X CO2 compensation tokens per year. Then users in the ticketing flow get the opportunity to buy shares of this forest and this can compensate your Devcon footprint in a recurring manner. So if you just hold the token and Devcons footprint does not increase - then you don’t need to act next year. Maybe there is even a market for these tokens emerging. We should link up with - will contact them afterwards.

  • In the ticketing flow you have both options

    • [ ] I compensate my share
    • [ ] The community compensates my share
  • In case of the second option the share is payed from the pool that was filled by ticket sales.

  • we could also have one smart contract that has the method isDevconCo2Neutral(year) that returns a boolean true when enough Co2 tokens generated by the forest where “burned” for the given year (and unfortunately returns a boolean false for Devcon 0…5 AFAIK) Setting the value that must be burned can be made by experts in the field. Maybe we can dogfood oracles here.

Don’t want to make things more complicated in the first iteration/DIP - just shooting out ideas for later stages:

  • Forrest supporters form a DAO that can vote on:
    • visitor frequency
    • time-slots for visitors
    • maintenance
    • sale of produced resources (wood?) to cover maintenance expenses
  • More fine grained compensation:
    • forrest DAO for CO2 compensation
    • river DAO for water usage

Hey! Thanks for thinking of terra0 and doing such a great proposal. I think involving terra0 to make the devcon C02 neutral could be really great - it would make the buying of C02 credits transparent and in the best case could really result in forest which is owned by a dao. How about setting up a call and talk a bit about details and involvement also we can tell a bit from past experience and problems we encountered building such a project.


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cool - I suggest we sit together with @raphabenoi when he is back from holiday.

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Back and looking forward to discussing these ideas further tomorrow :rocket:

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I love the idea, especially the focus on highest quality local carbon projects in Colombia! How will you choose those?

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Hey @franzihei,
That’s exactly the part where we hope the community to play its role.
I have strong ties with Colombia and have reached out to people there who know the carbon space, but it would be great to get input from as many people as possible.
One option would be to set up a DAO which holds the collected funds until after the event and have people vote on the projects they want to support.
What would be your take on this?

After having spent at least a year (unsuccessfully) trying to bridge the Carbon Credit world with the Ethereum community, I would strongly suggest investigating what options there are for traditional conservation credit and other related initiatives in Colombia before looking toward more innovative (and immature, imo) solutions from within the crypto space.

Many, many people have spent their entire careers devising systems of accountability and (partially) decentralized trust re: carbon capture, biodiversity, and social impact proof. I’m sure that there are several potentially large operations that exist within Colombia that would be very eager to work with anyone who knows even a little bit about this fancy new blockchain technology.

Even something as simple as a bulk-purchase smart contract for traditional carbon credits like REDD+ or VCS could be a stepping stone to more sophisticated conservation DAOs later in time.

We don’t need to re-invent the wheel here, and it’s best to remember that there are people out there (in Colombia) who know as much about the real-world issues of conservation as you do about smart contracts, and that knowledge gap goes both ways. Work together!

FWIW I’ll reach out to the people I was working with previously and see if I can find some recommended organizations.


Thanks! Would you be up for a call sharing your experiences? Sounds like you spent some time down the same rabbit hole.
If yes, maybe just write to me at and we can set something up.

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Yeah, just pinged you!

Another way to lessen the carbon impact of Devcon, although it’d require quite the logistical team: Organize a ship that leaves from Europe to avoid hundreds of crypto people flying!


Hey @gichiba , did you organize that ship yet?


Basically direct! :joy:

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The ship might also solve the transport issue for the equipment for the escape room @gichiba proposed as a DIP :wink:
Just f*** is this more expensive than flying. Incentives are so screwed up here - more ecological travel should be cheaper and not way more expensive …

You pay for the experience!! :sweat_smile: