Community Hub Proposal: Data Insights Hub πŸ“ˆ

Amberdata (Shawn Douglass and Tongtong Gong) is proposing a Data Insights Hub – a joint initiative* with Dune, Covalent and The Graph (and any others who would like to join). This is a tech and community-focused hub available to all Devcon attendees. The Hub brings 4 digital asset data providers together - innovators if you will. We will come together in a marketing and shill-free zone creating an educational hub focused on digital asset data. The purpose of the hub is to bring the Devcon community together to to overcome the challenges in the visibility and useability of Ethereum. Together we can talk about what the community needs to support the adoption of Ethereum. We commit to a very open, collaborative community on data. And who knows, maybe something magical will happen when everyone is together?

*Amberdata will gain commitment from proposed partners if approved

Our Data Insights Hub is designed to complement the Devcon program by offering:

  1. Office hours on their (expert) topics - Each company will commit to timeslots to educate on different areas of expertise/discussion (DeFi data, market data, on-chain data, dashboards, key metrics etc.) All of this comes with a focus on increasing adoption of Ethereum by providing transparency into the data.
  2. An educational/discussion-focused gathering space around community data needs
  3. Interactive experiences - we will have the ability to live query the data - we can get granular around the opportunities we have to improve this space based on community needs

Our Hub will be open Oct 11-14 9-5PM. Tongtong Gong, Shawn Douglass and the Amberdata team will take the lead on the Hub. Amberdata will coordinate coverage with all participating data providers.

We will require:

  1. Signage
  2. Sitting furniture
  3. Power outlets
  4. 1 TV-sized screen we can connect to via HDMI cable
  5. Whiteboard
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@franzihei we are excited about this proposal and are open to any suggestions from you!

And we would love to hear from the community - we are happy to make adjustments based on your suggestions.

@franzihei can you tell me if we need to do anything else to make our proposal complete before the deadline later this week?

Hi @lhadrick!

Thank you for handing in this proposal! I have a couple of questions:

a joint initiative* with Dune, Covalent and The Graph (and any others who would like to join)
*Amberdata will gain commitment from proposed partners if approved

Does this mean you are currently not in touch with these parties?

Together we can talk about the pros and cons of different approaches - showing ALL of the different ways to get data. We will come together to talk about Devcon attendees’ specific use cases and budgets

That for me sounds a) very specifically targeted at dapps / dapp developers and secondly like a β€œconsulting” session on which data provider to use?

With the community hubs we had something in mind that hopefully a) is interesting to most if not all Devcon attendees and b) is focused on education, good causes, technical research topics or special interest groups. Currently, your proposal for me sounds a bit too β€œsales driven”.

Interested to hear community opinions on this as well!

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Thank you for the feedback. We will amend!

@franzihei we have not been in touch with Dune, Covalent and the Graph - we want to be sure we have a solid proposal before offering the opportunity. Please see our amended proposal. Your feedback was very helpful.

Hi there!

General update on the process: The RFP is open until end of this week. Shortly after this (beginning of next week), we will share which Community Hub proposals got accepted and will work with those accepted teams to fine-tune the proposals / hubs.

Hi there,

We would like to thank you again for putting together this proposal!

The space allocated to Community Hubs is limited which means we can only accept six proposals.

Many of the proposals we received were very high quality and, unfortunately, we had to take hard decisions. There is simply not enough space to accommodate all of them.

With this post, I’d like to inform you that your proposal was not selected for this year’s Community space.

Again, thank you for showing initiative to contribute to the Devcon BogotΓ‘ experience and we hope to see you there soon nonetheless.

Have a great day,

Franziska & the Devcon team