Community Hub Proposal: Decentralised Storage


This proposal is created to gather the different voices in the decentralised storage space at Devcon. Overall, we are small compared to AWS and other Web2 vendors, so it would be great to gather everyone around a table.

All decentralised storage providers and anyone who needs hosting in the web3 space are invited to participate and show how and where their solutions fit best. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for web storage.

So, in this space you will be able to:

  1. exchange ideas with different providers of decentralised storage.
  2. ask for support for your project, your initiative and what can be done for your project, today
  3. look at nodes, miners and hardware needed to run and participate in the web3 infrastructure
  4. collect stickers if someone gives some…


We assume that these people have a special interest:

  • Artists and content creators who want to keep their creative works safe.
  • Hardware geeks interested in running web3’s nodes, hardware and infrastructure.
  • Developers looking for alternative solutions to make their services unstoppable.
  • Privacy advocates who want to know everything about their data and where it is.
  • Free speech advocates who are concerned about censorship in the web2 world.

From past experiences in ETHCC, there is demand and people questioned in Paris, for instance, how to support freedom of information.

Programming and activities

We would like to contact and bring together the most active names in this industry so that we can share challenges and the market situation in a friendly atmosphere and offer support to participants.

Demos and workshops will be arranged once space is confirmed. The predictable ones are “let me help you spin a XYZ node”, "let me help you host your image in web3, “let me host your blog on a decentralised storage, etc.”.

  1. ad hoc meeting corner: this is where you meet the various solutions that are the daily focus.
  2. resource garden: here you can see the different solutions in action (demos).
  3. learning table: here specialists help all interested people to make their solution work
  4. hardware world: here you can see different nodes and setups to make the solutionswork
  5. Hiring boards


Our plan is to create a horizontal place where no particular solution is preferred over another: All decentralised storage solutions serve different purposes with different characteristics.

We expect the coolest projects to participate in this joint effort towards making web2-storage a thing of the past.

We will require:

Sitting furniture
Power outlets
1 TV-sized screen we can connect to via HDMI cable