Confusion over DIP submission

Hello, I’m wishing to submit a proposal for a meditation space.
I want to write out a DIP, and submit, but what I am not clear on is does it need to be submitted to the github as well? I don’t see any DIPs listed. How would Github ticket management work for physicalized tasks? Is there maybe a more simpler or intuitive kanban for less technical community managers?

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I can help you get the DIP on github when needed. But in the end it should end up there - similar to EIPs.

You can find a list surfaced here:

Ideally just write the DIP and then we find a way to get it on github.

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Hi @TrinityGUD!

I think it sounds like a cool idea! I second what Ligi mentioned above, and there are some more details on the process listed here: and here:
Github can seem a bit daunting at first for the non-technical but this process is meant to be easy for both the technical and non-technical and I promise github isn’t that hard :smiley:

If you’ve read those resources and are still confused, please let us know. That means we should do something to make it clearer!

In any case, the next best step IMO would be to write up the DIP idea, formalized or not, and share it here so we can discuss it a bit here before submitting the formal DIP! How’s that sound? :smiley:


Hi I thank you for the reply.
I looked through the resources provided and to be frank I’m not quite sure what I am looking at.

I was wondering if there was a text doc template I could look at to duplicate in format then post here.

As Ligi mentioned I can work through posting it to github after with some help if needed.

My issue is less posting the DIP as an issue and more formatting and writing style so as to provide a correct submission for the process.

Hi @TrinityGUD!

The format for DIP should follow this format outlined here
That format using Markdown syntax, which may look complicated but is quite simple to learn. You could copy the DIP markdown format and actually paste it in a post in this forum (this forum uses Markdown as well) or draft up the DIP in an editor like this if you prefer.

Or you can use the DIP format as inspiration for the headings and sections that belong in a DIP, and just write it out in normal text and post here. Aka there should be a section describing summary, abstract, motivation, implementation, etc.

Let me know if that helps! Ultimately, for the initial idea we’re less interested in it being formatted correctly and more interested in just discussing the idea as it stands :smiley:

Awesome! Thank you, I’ll write my proposal.

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