Criptodex: Educational Game for Devcon Week

Summary of Proposal

Making Criptodex a Devcon-supported game for discovering projects and communities during DevCon week.


Criptodex is a game designed to foster networking and interaction among participants of crypto conferences. We held 2 editions of the game during ETH Latam, ETH Lima and are about to launch ETH Santiago’s edition.

Playing Criptodex is very straight forward: ambassadors from different projects and communities create a specific POAP each.

During the DevCon week, people have to collect as many POAPs from the participating projects as possible.

At the end of the week, whoever has more POAPs wins. Participating projects are encouraged to add prizes for the game’s winners.

Users can see participating projects and check their progress from the following link. The website displays what happened during ETH Lima and will soon be updated to be played during ETH Santiago.

We would love to get:

  • help from DevCon with contacting participating projects.
  • DevCon support so the game is more appealing for participating projects.
  • Collaboration with prizes for the winners.

Motivation & Rationale

The game helps in three ways:

  • makes it easier for people to network.
  • encourage people to discover and learn about projects and communities.
  • help protocols and communities gain visibility and better connect with attendees.


The software needed for the game is already developed and tested. We also have some well-established processes for preparing the game, so we can take care of the ops and be 100% accountable for the game being a success.

For further transparency, steps for getting the game ready are:

  • Contacting ambassadors/representatives from different projects attending the event.
  • Have the fill a form with info that we will the use on the game’s webpage.
  • Get logos from all participating projects and fit them into template medals for the conf.
  • Share the medals with the ambassadors so they can create a POAP for their project.
  • Make up the list of POAP IDs and load them to the webpage, together with the info we gathered from the projects.

The most critical part is getting many players on board. We were able to have many participants during ETH Latam (61), ETH Santiago (18) and ETH Lima (28) but want to make DevCon edition much bigger, so help from DevCon on this organizers would be an awesome boost.

Also, having official DevCon prizes for the winners would be a great way of motivating people to make the most out of the game.

Additional information

The Criptodex is a game developed by Solow. We provide free, gamified learning experiences to whoever is willing to learn about crypto. We have a strong community in Latam (+10k users and +2700 people on Discord). We were recently recognized as an Ethereum Public Good during ETH Latam.

Hi @Santiago_Cristobal
Thank you for your proposal!
So cool you’re working on this project and that you help engage attendees at ETH Latam, ETH Lima and ETH Santiago.

We will review this with the team and come back to you soon!


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Awesome, thanks a lot!

I will share with you a list of projects that are involved in Devcon and that attendees will be able to find in the venue! Writing you a dm

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