Daytime Volunteering Opportunity / Networking Event

Hi, I’d like to propose that Serotonin leads the charge on organizing and promoting a networking event that gives back to the community that hosts us. In this case, the wonderful city of Bogota.
I’ve been in touch with the local tourism dept. and the Mayors office about some low-lift volunteer efforts that would be good for groups. We could help out for a couple hours at the local botanical garden or clean up a park for example.
I think this would be a great alternative to the alcohol-fueled networking events that are omni-present at Web3 conferences and give people a cool new thing to bond over (this really helps break the ice!). Plus, if we worked at the garden, we’d get the opportunity to experience the native flora up close and personally.
This would be great for those who have a tough/awkward time engaging people at crypto-events.
At this point, Serotonin as a company is planning on taking on a volunteer effort as somewhat of a team-building exercise but I thought it would be even more fun if we extended the invitation to everyone at DevCon! Would be great team-building for attending teams as well!
And lastly, I’d like to see something like this adopted at all future DevCons! It’s great for perception of our industry at large and helps us further connect to the cities that host us.


Hi @Nick_George
I totally love the idea of doing some low-lift volunteer efforts together for networking instead of the usual drinking on a rooftop!

This should definitely go on the community schedule. I will happily share the schedule with you once we have it ready.

Thanks @Rose ! Let me know if there’s anything I can prepare at this time for the DevCon community to help get this effort up and running.

I would like to do both :), this is a great idea and will be glad to participate.
Also supporting local businesses, events or expending some money is a good way to contribute to leave a good stamp from devcon in Colombian people and local entities.

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Ah I understood you and your team wanted to organize this as a community event :slight_smile: Sorry if I understood wrong.

Oh we do! I just wasn’t sure if there was a formal submission and approval process for something like this.

Sad news: volunteering at the botanical gardens requires 50 hours of an environmental certification program. Looking into some other options.

Oh no! That’s a bummer with the certification. Maybe you can find a local person who has this certificate?
@juandavid I know it’s not really your area of expertise, but maybe by any chance you know where we could find a local person with an environmental certification to do some volunteering work in a botanic garden or park.

In any case, @Nick_George, here is our Community Event Schedule where you can fill a form for your event to be added:

You know, it’s funny. I’m a certified conservation steward in the American Northeast but that doesn’t exactly translate to Colombian certification programs. Entirely different ecology!

I’ll keep looking for an interesting opportunity!

:see_no_evil: ooh, that’s a bummer.
Keep me in the loop if you find other options