Devcon Focused Dashboard / In-person & At-home

Greetings fellow Devcon enthusiasts! :colombia:

My name is DeFi Dude, and for the past year we have been building our product called Alphaday.

Alphaday is a 100% free tool (seriously, we don’t have a token, don’t profit off your data, etc.) that lets you stay up to date and interact with crypto using easily customizable dashboards. DeFi, NFTs, events (like Devcon), and much more.

I’m writing this to collect some thoughts or feedback on Alphaday making a Devcon focused board for both attendees at home and in person.

Here is a screenshot of what our dashboard looked like for The Merge :tm:

Note that the widgets you see like the livestream, merge twitter, etc. can all be re-arranged or customized in various ways (or removed if you don’t want to see certain stuff).

For Devcon, we would implement some of the various widgets:

  • Devcon focused Twitter feed
  • Livestream embeds
  • Interactive calendar displaying main and side events w/ sign-up links and any other important info
  • A Devcon chatbox
  • Devcon News
  • List of key speakers
  • Guide to Bogotá
  • Venue map
  • Events map
  • List of talks
  • …and much more (plus maybe your idea?)

Of course it would include existing widgets already implemented in our app, which you can play around with here.

So what do we need from you?

First of all, any feedback or discussion around the idea is super important to us and we’d love to hear it. If you think of a widget that would make for a great addition for devcon, you can share that here as well - or if you just want to voice your support or opposition, please do!

We’re going to build it anyway :sunglasses: but it’s much better and more fun when the community is involved in the creation process or at least lets us know it’s something they actually would want to see, and how we can make it better for them.

We think that such a dashboard would provide value to both at home and in person attendees for different reasons. At home might benefit more from the streams, chat, and that sort of things, whereas in-person attendees can stay on top of events in the calendar in real time, or watch the streams if they’re recharging their energy levels at the hotel or whatever else they want to do.

Please share any thoughts on the above below!

The second is more of a proposal to the event itself! Of course this forum is great for reaching those super involved or excited for devcon, but many of the attendees will not be aware of our dashboard or what we built for devcon.

Therefore I am proposing the option to allow us to include a small pamphlet/flyer either at check-in during the event, or just on a common table where supplies are shared. All costs associated with this will be paid for by us, Alphaday.

I understand sponsors are a huge part of Devcon and other events, so we do not want to come in here, “advertise” with our pamphlet, and take away from the sponsors who are paying to do the same exact thing. As such, I would like to remind you in this case that Alphaday has no token, we are not monetizing our users, and we are longtime fans of the Ethereum ecosystem, Devcon, ETHGlobal, etc. - and are building this for the benefit of the community. We hope that because of the nature of what we’re building and its purpose, it is taken less of an advertising campaign and more of getting the word out to attendees for their benefit.

Therefore we ask you take into consideration allowing us to distribute a small card/pamphlet letting users know they can keep up with Devcon on their computer with Alphaday during the conference itself.

For this, we are also curious about the communities thoughts on doing such a thing. Does the community see it as beneficial to attendees?

In summary, how do you all feel about (1.) us building a Devcon focused dashboard for the community and (2.) allowing us to include a pamphlet at check-in or on a common table so we can inform users the dashboard exists?

And if you’re imaginative, how might we be able to better spread the word to devcon attendees at home? As someone who has only watched Devcon online the past many years, I know the experience can be made better, so that’s what we want to do, and we want it to reach as many attendees who might make use of it, which is why we also need your help and thoughts!

Thanks! :heart:


(another Alphaday co-founder here)
I would just like to insist on that last bullet point.

  • …and much more (plus maybe your idea?)

Although we’re short in time, if you have a good idea of what would add value to this dashboard- either for in-person or virtual attendees, please leave feedback! I’m sure we can take the time to implement if there is consensus.

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Please can you make this app compatible with Mac? I cant seem to run it as is. your ‘I’m ready’ button is too far off the screen and you cant scroll the window to be able to click this button so you cant start the app. is there some trick to it that I’m missing?

has anyone tested this on a Mac? (ive tried safari, chrome, brave browsers… and all have the same issue)

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Hey JezSan, sorry you’re running into this issue.

We recently became aware of this exact problem with some macs and are tracking it to hopefully resolve it ASAP. For what it’s worth, I’m running it on my Macbook Pro without an issue but it might come down to resolution, OSx version, etc.

I want to keep this thread on topic of devcon, however, getting this fixed so it’s usable with all macs is super important to us, so don’t hesitate to hop in our Discord if you have the time and are willing to provide a bit more info. Curious about things like screen resolution, OSx version, does zooming out in browser fix it, etc.

But rest assured we’re aware of the problem and will do our best to get this sorted ASAP.