Devcon NFT ticketing

Non-fungible tokens (ERC-721) have been used for ticketing at many conferences (NFT NYC, SF/Paris/LA Blockchain Week & Blockshow).

We have a redeeming tool that is much safer than any QR-generated code that is currently used in the ticketing sector as it uses face recognition and password protection.

NFT tickets have the following advantages:

  • interoperable
  • scarce asset that can be compiled of many other items (music, video, pdf etc). Thus, the ticket is more than just a ticket. The NFT is the API
  • many partners can be added onto the same smart contract/ shop

We also have a stripe integration, thus users can pay in over 134 fiat currencies or pay with ETH.
If resales are not allowed then functions can be turned off and on.

Hi Carolin! Very cool — I think it’s a good start.

Would love to see some more details around the implementation!

I’m also curious about the face recognition aspect. How does that work?

Hi Skylar,
face recognition works with your phone. Every wallet has a different security, but eventually it is up to the user what settings she or he has. The ticket can be stored on Trust, Argent, Coinbase Wallet etc.

Regarding the implementation, we have a ticket redeemer in place that was used during NFT NYC and MetaCartel Demo Day in 2019:
Happy to elaborate more if you have any specific areas I can jump into.

A few more details on the purchase process:

  • everyone needs a wallet that holds ERC 721 (crypto and non-crypto users)
  • buyers who purchase the ticket with FIAT, can create a fortmatic account (web 2.0 on boarding) so they can receive the NFT along with the email. This is done by a simple on-boarding process
  • Tickets are sent to the attendee’s email account, along with the purchase confirmation email. The ticket has a QR code and the Etherscan transaction. The QR code/link binds the ticket to the user’s email address.
  • non crypto users and crypto users will both have the NFT ticket and an email. The purchase confirmation would look like this:

    at the buttom of the email confirmation we can include the QR code