Devcon Scholarship

Hi Guys,
When will the scholarship for 2021 open?



Hi Viraz,

We’ll post updates when we have more to announce alongside other big releases related to the event soon. Keep an eye on the Ethereum twitter &, and you definitely won’t miss it!



Hai @Adam_Lee, I would love to know if there has been an update on this as I am highly interested, but have yet to see anything released on the blog wrt a scholarship beyond a post from May 2020, which was prior to your comment – so not quite the news I have been waiting for.

Also, as this is my first DevCon, I would love to have an idea of the qualifications for such a scholarship, if you are so willing.

Much obliged,

Usually, Devcon Scholarships start the same year of the event (I’m a scholar from 2019). The process for 2019 was filling a form and after being accepted you had to research and write about blockchain and Ethereum. I’m a developer but there were scholars from all areas, marketing, design education was a good experience! Just keep waiting for the announcement next year and good luck!

Hi Uni!

Thanks for following up here & thanks Cris for the response!
Full disclosure, the Scholarship is undergoing a transformation & will look very different from how it looked last year. More information coming soon in early 2021!

Thanks for your passion & curiosity,

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Thanks a lot, @Adam_Lee :slight_smile: