DIP-2: Audius music in common areas and between talks at Devcon

This is where we can discuss all things related to DIP-2, the proposal to use Audius to power music at Devcon!

Pull request with details can be found here: https://github.com/efdevcon/DIPs/pull/6


Hey @roneilr ! Had a related (random) idea – what if we had live music at Devcon (evenings or lunchtime or opening/closing ceremonies – would Audius be able to record these sessions and put them onto their platform?


Another idea – what if we were able to work with local/LATAM artists leading up to Devcon to have them provide/record music with the explicit idea/agreement that it would be played at Devcon.

Would either of these options avoid the legal restrictions you mentioned here?

Just ideating!

cc @Simona-Pop @jdreyespaez


Definitely into that idea!

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We hope to use some latin american music to bridge our communities.

Cumbia is high on the list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cID4CrsSA8Q From Japan to Colombia, using cumbia as a story line.