DIP: Community invites and subsidized tickets

Devcon is not only about talks, workshops and presentation. Devcon is also about face-to-face conversations in the lobby. People and projects, who are most wanted by other people to be at Devcon, bring huge added value, even they don’t do any presentations.

I would offer subsidized tickets for people, who are most wanted by others.
This could be seen as a some kind of “community invite”.


Very cool. We have traditionally offered discounted ‘builder’ tickets to those who are actively supporting and contributing to the ecosystem. Were you familiar with that / is something like that what you had in mind?

I know ‘builder’ tickets program. My proposal is slightly different, because:

  1. the decision who is eligible is made by community (maybe organized as TCR?). Not by organizer’s team.
  2. ‘Builders’ are usually developers.
    But there are other important person in the community, who are not ‘builders’.
    For example: Boris Mann, who is not “builder”, but strong organizer and leader.
  3. Some people can’t afford flight tickets and accommodations even with ‘Builder Ticket’.
    There were grant programs for that, but some decisions made by organizer team were intransparent and questionable in the past. For example @iamonuwa’s application was rejected, despite of his clear needs and his contribution.
  4. Community Invite could be combined with Quadratic Funding.
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Wonder how you define community in this context - e.g. which token would you use for the TCR? Do you know any TCR implementations on L2? I think TCR’s on L1 are not really usable with current gas-prices. I think it might be an interesting experiment - but I also see a lot of potential problems here (e.g. we might only get people in with a lot of social media outreach this way - not the silent ones)


All your concerns are valid, @ligi.
I was just thinking aloud, but I believe if the idea is sound, a solution is possible as well.
It could be a TCR on sidechain like XDAI, it could be a semi-centralized solution (devcon is a cenralized event, anyway).
I mean TCR as the crypto-economic pattern, not some particular implementation on ethereum network.

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