DIP: Devcon Week

Increasing Devcon capacity:

  • Devcon should run longer (one week)
  • There should be a Full Pass (all days) and Day Passes (for selected days of the week).
  • Most wanted presentation should run twice (or more) on different days. It makes possible to watch most presentations in few days.
  • A conversation area (a lobby) should be open to all participant all the days (up to allowed capacity).

Hey @ethernian! Just wanted to follow up here now that ETHGlobal’s ETHBogota hackathon has been officially announced.

We have plans this year to make Devcon an experience that extends beyond the 4 days of the conference. ETHBogota—taking place the weekend before Devcon—was one such component, and we have a few others in the works to make the experience extend a bit more before and after the 4 days of Devcon.

Hang tight for updates!