Ethereum 101 + Trivia; Free CEP exams

Ethereum 101 + Trivia; Free CEP exams

This proposal contains two items:

  1. A C4 Hosted Trivia Event
  2. Free Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) exams (coupons to take on-site or at a later date)

These items provide value to both educate and empower Ethereum enthusiasts, both new and experienced. C4 staff is passionate about creating a welcoming environment for learners of all experience levels.

C4 Hosted Trivia Event
C4 is interested in being part of the Supporters Program. We would like to host an engaging session about what Ethereum is and how it works. We will start by laying some of the core concepts of the Ethereum blockchain, followed by engaging trivia with giveaways. Trivia questions will come from C4’s CEP exam and giveaways will include signed books by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, (C4 board member). Content will include consensus mechanisms, private and public keys, wallet types, EIPs, and more. You can expect a very interactive educational session where participants leave with the foundational aspects necessary to understand Ethereum.

Free CEP exams
We’d also like to explore the option of C4 providing every attendee (depending on the number of attendees) with a free CEP exam and application - $140 value per attendee - in exchange for a small space/table and being listed as a sponsor in your materials. Attendees can use their coupon code to write the exam at DevCon or from the comfort of their home any time within 1 year of the event.

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) is a non-profit organization that educates the blockchain technology community and provides certifications to professionals who perform cryptocurrency-related services. Recipients of each respective certificate will have demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in various disciplines ranging from basic cryptography to low-level cryptocurrency development. We also are the creators of the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

We look forward to hearing feedback from the community on how we can work together to educate about Ethereum!



Thank you so much for your proposal!
We will discuss with the team and come back to you asap :slight_smile:


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Thanks again for your proposal and the offer to provide the exams for free for attendees!

At Devcon this year, there will be no classic marketing, branding, or booths. So, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any space/tables or listings. If you want to provide coupons for attendees anyways, we’re happy to connect you with our attestation team.

The Trivia game sounds like a fun idea! The Community Hubs could be an option to host the game, as we have severe space limitations otherwise.
@franzihei , do you see a Community Hub where the Trivia Game could fit in?

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Some info about the attestation at Devcon VI:

Attestations create the ability for teams/event organizers to attest that an Ethereum address is associated with a ticket, without the event team needing to provide names/emails of attendees OR you having to show your ticket — which could be fake. These attestations are stored off-chain with the option to use them both off-chain and on-chain.

The Smart Token Labs team is working on integrating these Attestations at Devcon & is happy to work with third parties who want to reward, attract, or whitelist Devcon attendees to their service/event/product/etc. They can be reached directly on their Discord server.

We’d love to be involved with the Community Hubs space to teach about Ethereum. Our exam has been translated into Spanish and will be available for DevCon attendees. Our Ethereum prep book will be available as well, and although it won’t be translated into Spanish (yet!), we can do trivia and education in both languages!