Flights and hotels sourced via decentralized marketplace

Hey guys,

Starting a discussion about our DIP-3 here:

Suggestions? Questions? Concerns?


Ligi said:

  • maybe start with a forum post first. And let things grow from there.
  • what do you think about using WindingTree to book rooms in the venue (is hourly booking possible?)
  • have you seen a WindingTree Etherrisc integration at some point?

I answered:

Ligi, who’s going to be booking rooms at the venue? Attendees? Winding Tree is useful when you need to advertise your inventory to a bunch of resellers (hence B2B marketplace). If there is only one website where they’ll be able to book these rooms, there’s no need for Winding Tree.

Etherrisc is awesome! We’ll definitely look into it!

too bad - I thought we could use WindingTree for this. But it was just an idea - too bad it is not possible. Do you by any chance know a B2C system we could use for this?
The idea is that attendees can book - and ideally with tokens we distribute and not with real money. So basically the idea was that every attendee gets an amount of tokens to book a room. And then people could pool tokens to have longer slots for sessions/talks/discussions/… they want to see happening.


It sounds like an awesome idea. I mean, we have a booking portal, but its use case is very different from what you’re describing. And it’s so unique, that I don’t think anything like that exists yet.


In reply to the question about potential hourly booking: note that “motels” in Colombia, while still less expensive than hotels, are not understood to be roadside “motor hotels” meant to host travelers overnight on long journeys as in other countries. They are often themed, sometimes discreet, with rooms often rented on an hourly basis to folks who live locally but might have strong social constraints against using bedrooms at home. We should be sure that folks using a booking portal like this don’t accidentally wind up booking a different kind of accommodation than they want!

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:sweat_smile: good to know