Focus on building citizenship

The vision of Ethereum was built from the theoretical construction of the Infinite Garden, with the purpose of everyone working towards collective growth, based on human coordination, which obviously also involves the individual growth of each person. This is a vision that, ultimately, has a close relationship with the dignity of the human person.

Considering this premise, the time has come to also focus, with more emphasis, on encouraging the democratic participation of citizens in their local realities, which is essential for overcoming the state of poverty of populations around the world.

Only with citizenship and the encouragement of democratic participation can this state of affairs be overcome.

Many local governments create barriers to the exercise of citizenship and the democratic participation of citizens, starting with the lack of minimum social conditions, including educational ones, for citizens’ development.

The experience of blockchain technology, collective ownership, with systems that encourage democratic participation, can and should be taken into the real lives of people who suffer from social exclusion.

It is necessary for the technological revolution to break this vicious circle that imposes poverty across a large part of the globe, based on its decisive contribution to the formation of citizenship and encouragement of democratic participation across the globe, with a focus on socially excluded people.