Host DevCon Videos on Swarm & Etherna

Swarm is a decentralized storage and communication system that was initially incubated by the Ethereum Foundation.

Etherna is a transparent video platform running on Swarm.

It was suggested in a comment in another DIP to host DevCon videos on Swarm, this Dip is to make that happen :slight_smile:

If this DIP gets implemented, the DevCon Archive will have a publisher account on Etherna, where it will be able to upload videos and embed them into pages on website, offering a third alternative in addition to Youtube and IPFS.

Videos will be accessible for free by users, and the bandwidth will be charged on the account owner / can be subsidized.

Please note that this is a very high level proposal, and any questions regarding the implementability, the architecture, and the building blocks will be addressed here.

Disclaimer: the author of this DIP (Costanza Gallo) works for the Swarm Association.


Great idea. We need a YouTube alternative for the web3 community. And it makes sense for DevCon to upload videos to a web3 project.


pretty cooool, let’s make video platform more decentralized!


Hi @costgallo

Thanks for the great proposal!
We’d definitely help publicize this. What kind of help do you need from our side?



Hi @Rose,
thank you for the answer! Shall I make a formal DIP?


Yes, that’d be great :slight_smile: thanks!

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Hi @costgallo this is a great idea!
As you mentioned, our video archive already offers to watch from YouTube or IPFS. I think it would be great to have Swarm as a third option.

I’m curious to read more about how Etherna works.
How does that relate to Swarm? How does publishing work? Or what would a potential integration look like?

Happy to discuss or if you want to include any of that in the formal DIP, that would be great.



Hi @wslyvh, I’m Mirko Da Corte, CEO of Etherna.
Thank you for your interest!
We are currently working on Etherna’s Whitepaper, I hope we will be ready to publish shortly. Anyway I will try to do a quick resume of Swarm integration.
Etherna uses Swarm for storage video’s data, like video stream encodings, name, author and thumbnail. They are directly accessible with any Bee node directly on the Swarm network, and our dapp permits to select different gateways for independent use.
Anyway Etherna implements a default Swarm gateway as a service, that make easy to access contents also without personal nodes, and implements our economics to reward the creators’ work. In future this will be built as a decentralized Swarm L2.
We also keeps personal channels on Swarm (video lists), published as Swarm Feeds. This will permit to everyone to subscribe to any channel, and consume videos in a full decentralized way, without any request to us. Personal settings, as channel subscriptions, will be also kept on Swarm.
We planned to open our index databases publishing and keep synced data on Swarm, using FairOs-dfs. This will permit to everyone to verify, analyze and consume data directly from decentralized network.
We have also other R&D projects on Swarm, for example to decentralize indexes, but these will come later.
Hope to have replied, I’m available to answer any question :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @wslyvh,

Thank you for your reply! Mirko from Etherna answered the technical questions, and here’s the formal DIP..

How do you want to proceed?