Infinite art garden space for live music, visuals, dance and painting


It would be a joy for Members of the Open-Source Orchestra to collaborate with the Devcon Team and other interested parties in hosting an Open-Sourced curated art space amongst artists.

Similar to Devcon 6 the Open-Source Orchestra would be happy to lead communication and scheduling for this space. During the event with an inclusive mindset we can manage the stage, equipment, and programing of this space maintaining a positive and creative atmosphere.

In the months Leading up to Devcon we can create a landing page for signing up artist participation within the community to collaborate, freestyle, or present. Prior to arriving in Thailand we should have a structured schedule of jam sessions and lead performances surrounded by workshops, presentations, sound healing sessions, etc. Communication can occur within the Open-Source telegram chat or a matrix can be created for this special occasion.

White canvases or banners open for artists to create with simple and easy provided mess free materials. Nice lighting and plants would add to this space’s atmosphere. A dance floor area, LED screen for visual artists and an inviting lounge area would make this space pop.

We can envision this space growing in color and cross pollinating with different realms of art vibrating with a subtractive nature that holds community at its heart.

A professional A/V provider would be a great investment for the success and smooth execution of this space. To stay true to the open mindset of this space there should be no stage. However a series of monitor wedges in front of the artists is in important. The Devcon setup was perfect. If it is indoor/outdoor making sure the area will receive no precipitation from weather is important for safety of the equipment.

For a beautiful large musical collaboration the renting of certain instruments like a piano, percussions, and additional guitars would be helpful. The Open-Source Orchestra will also provide instruments to be played and shared by the community.

Devcon 6 in Bogota was a dream and joy to hold this artistic collaboration. Following a similar protocol would be well suited with whatever improvements we can find. Thank you to the Devcon Team for supporting the culture and art in the community. With your hard work and initiative you are the builders that build the house for hackers to get together and build the future.


Thank you Shaka and the Open-Source Orchestra for your amazing proposal to bring the Music Stage back to life at Devcon SEA :notes::heart:

We will bring this to the team and are looking forward to discussing more details with you soon.

Devcon team


Thank you Shaka and team for your proposal! I cannot envision Devcon without a music stage anymore, and I am so happy about your new proposal:)


We can also have live painting during the music as well. It’s going to be fun!

This sounds amazing and would also love the Blockravers to be involved and contributing to this space. Would be amazing to be able to have some 24h available spaces and if possible with soundproof so we don’t disturb the rest of activities.


I would love to see some involvement from the BlockRavers! Just not sure it would fit where we currently plan to do the music stage as this would interfere with the other activities in this area and late access will be a problem. I would rather see it in a separate room and make it more club style (kinda what is the music lounge in chaos congresses)

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