Latam Communities - How to get involved?


I’m Santiago from Ecuador. I’ve been involved in the Ethereum ecosystem in the last two years, working in bounties and participating in hackathons. I’ve started a meetup group in my City (Cuenca) back in 2019 (run a couple of meetups, however not very active right now). I’m wondering how local communities can get involved in Devcon org/activities


Hi Santiago! Thank you for your message, is great to know about your enthusiasm and about this Meetup!

The local community has been collaborating a lot lately; some new Meetups all around Latin America have been created in the last few months, and their leaders are in contact. So I will suggest you get in contact with Jose Bell (this is his Telegram account @JoseVicente1 and he is already aware that you are going to contact him). Jose and others, are leading some leader meetings. They are planning to have one on the 21st of October, as there are organizing some community initiatives and activities around Devcon.

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