Lightning Talks at DC Bogota

Looking at the event schedule, there doesn’t appear to be a plan for lightning talks.

Proposing that the organizers set aside a couple small rooms, or a larger room split into small spaces. I often find these fringe “unconference” presentations are a terrific opportunity to learn about a wide variety of topics.

Process is simple and requires minimal volunteer resources: post a signup sheet by each presentation area on the morning of, and participants can write their name and topic. Then it can be circulated on the forum or social media so attendees can plan their day.


Lightning talks are great!& they will happen at DEVCon6 - people could submit their talks as a lightning talk - see Speaker Applications — Devcon Bogotá, Oct 11 → 14
Maybe @heather_claire can provide more info on how many there are - otherwise you will need to wait for the official schedule.

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Great idea. I applied for a workshop but didn’t get it, this would be a great place to show what I’m working on and get some feedback (an expanding fully open almost-infrastructure-free system to power real world devices using the emerging smart tokens technology and EIP-5169).

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Hi @pipelayer1960
Thanks for your proposal!
I also agree lightning talks are great.

The speaker applications for this year already closed. And @heather_claire is planning the official Devcon schedule.

If you would like to organize lightning talks from the community in an unconference style, this could be interesting for some community-organized evening program. Let’s see if we have space for this.
@franzihei What do you think about this idea? Would something like this fit to Devcon after Dark?

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Unfortunately, it seems community lightning talks will be difficult/impossible to realize because of space limitations. There is nofree stage or room available…
Not sure if it makes sense to organize something like this in a much more casual context. Like sitting together around a table. What do you think @James_Brown ?

Let’s get in touch whenever possible.