Local bounties to get a Devcon Ticket

Hi Devcon family,
I have been thinking on how to involved local professionals / graduates/ students to get a ticket in Devcon and I believe Bounties is a good option. We could create development, design, marketing bounties to help more people to access to Devcon. The prices of the ticket are high generally however we could facilitate their access to the conference, with a packet of 3 bounties completed for example.


That is an interesting idea. Maybe it can also be combined with dogfooding e.g. bounties.network - AFAIK @Simona-Pop was involved there and could chime in.

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I like it! Interesting idea. Iā€™m trying to think about what kind of bounties there could be. Maybe you have some thoughts on bounties? What did you have in mind @Diegomazo?

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