Mat setup for BJJ/safe rolling

I saw the soccer post Colombia Crypto world cup ⚽ Networking - #2 by josal169 and thought why not…

5-10% of the Web3 people I know practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I propose to get a mat setup in a chill room. People can come and light roll.

I assume mainly no gi (need to keep luggage space for the goodies).
Only butt scouting allow, no pull guard or take down, let’s keep it safe.
I also assume there should be showers in the venue (?!).

Who’s keen???

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Would be cool to have a “I’ve rolled at Devcon” POAP.

I’d absolutely LOVE this! It’s such a great way to meet with people who we wouldn’t necessarily interact with otherwise.

People who are interested in BJJ but never tried before could of course join in and try something new and exciting!

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Hi @fryorcraken
This seems like a fun idea!
Unfortunately, we will be able to get this set up spontaneously, as we would need mats.

I think it is a great idea to keep in mind for next time.
I’m even thinking of a room, dedicated to some “sports exchange”. Were people teach each other. Not sure if this is possible or if you need an official certificate for those things :smiley: (I’m german so thinking about those things haha)


Hi Rose, I am myself a martial instructor and ran clubs in two different countries. In terms of certificate, etc. What really matter is insurance.

So it would be done to the location and local laws and understand what the insurance used by Devcon does and does not cover.

If volunteers decide to teach/run some sessions, then one needs to think of what happen if someone gets injured under their guidance, that is where you would need proper insurance.

Hence, I’d avoid setting individual volunteers to “teach” and become liable to avoid this problem.

The questions then becomes: if there is a space for physical activities, what needs to be done so that Devcon’s public liability insurance can cover someone getting injured and suing Devcon. To get the answer, the best is to discuss with the insurance to be used for the event.