Music Sessions | Open Mic Stage

Live music is taking momentum at ETH events… DevConnect, SpaghettETH side events, ETHPrague (!!!), and Paris and Berlin haven’t happened yet.

Jamming live amongst devs, product mgrs, community leaders turns out to create unique bonds that stay and lead to respectful and balanced relationships. Plus, many many devs are actually f**king good musicians.

My suggestion is to make space for an open stage (ongoing or at given times), with a stage manager and a few session folks roaming around to help the sparkle.

min. space needed would 3x3 (mt)
we might have a possibility to source the backline locally (PA, mixer, mics, cables and perhaps some guitars and percs)

that would also be a good chance for local performers to showcase and busk some ETH


Hi Matteo, good to see you here.

Love the idea! The jam sessions in Prague were great. I really enjoyed those, so would love to see this happening in Bogota. Let’s try to get more musicians here to join the conversations


Hey Wesley! thanks for supporting!

I think what we shall figure out is:

  • Space availability at the Location (this is up to the Deva team to let us know)

  • Equipment (we should have a local ethMusician :slight_smile: already involved, and with connections)

  • Agenda (24/3? or spot hours?)

  • Funding for production and Rentals

  • In addition, I have started this little project to have a SongBook.sol powered dApp for all ETHMusicians to coordinate tune-materials before meeting and jamming

Best, M

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Hi @matlemad !

Love the jam session proposal! I will help answer all your questions and see how the Devcon team can support you in the best way to make the open stage happen. :slight_smile:

A list of equipment you might be able to bring and what we would need to rent would be great. And suggestions for equipment rentals in Bogotá and cost estimation.



hi @Rose thanks for reaching out. Let me figure out some specs with fellow ethMusicians and I’ll get back to you asap. have a nice week, M

perfect, thanks @matlemad

What do you think would be the best hours for the open stage? Maybe evenings after most programming is over? Or, if possible, outside during the days?

So, we have Devcon Hackathon first, and then Conference, correct?

For the Hack days, we could think of “around midnight” Jam or sound healing sessions, when devs are tired and willing to have a break.

For the Conference, I think anytime after 16:00 would be a good idea to run Open Jams to steam out.

Ideally, the music room would store all the equipment. We could also host music workshops during the day hours (Jordan can teach Ukelele and has an idea to buy a whole bunch of Ukes and ship them there).

The hackathon is from 7-9th October, on 10th Devcon other Devcon related events start, and on 11-14th official Devcon.

Personally, I like the idea of midnight jams during hack days! good way to let the brain go in diffuse thinking mode :slight_smile: Gonna find out more about the possibilities.

For the timing during the conference: Start around 6-6:30pm and till 8:00-9:00pm. How does that sound?

We can definitely provide a 3x3 space, yet to determine where it will bit located within the venue. Let me find out if workshops during the day would also work.

Hi all!
Nice to see the idea of the music room getting traction. I wanted to jump in the conversation earlier but was a bit sick/busy.

My name is Camilo from Bogota and I can act as the mentioned “ethMusician”.
We’ve been in conversations about the required gear and I feel with the help of my community, we can provide/lend near 60/70% (still in analysis) of what’s needed, however, we will still need to rent some of the gear.

I also have a suggestion, if you’re open:

  • With my team, we are exploring intersections between spirituality, music+arts, and technology and recently we’ve been working with art creators from LATAM, starting in the world of NFTs and blockchain, and would be great if we can use this room as a showcase for this kind of projects. >I think this is aligned with the idea of the ETH exosystem supporting growing Web3 artistic/educational communities.

  • I also have been exploring the concept of listening experiences and would be nice to replicate something in the music room, currently, I have some experiments running using Party Headphones (as a silent disco) that I think might aid the idea of music healing sessions.

Let me know if the idea sounds good to you so we can discuss some details.

Best vibes! :purple_heart:

PS. If you want to know a bit about our community, head to


Hi @isdotlove
This sounds great!

Have you been in touch with @matlemad about the gear already?

I see the listening experiences definitely also happening in the area of the music stage.

Hi there my name is Tomo, a designer at Ethereum Foundation, and I can join for a few opportunities.

  1. DJ set. I played my playlist at Devconnect Boat party, and people loved it. I can do the similar vibe for 1-1.5 hour set if there is any day after 6pm when people want an uplifting energy!
    Playlist: Spotify

  2. I can join jam session as a drummer.


yes @Rose I pulled in Camilo as the hosting ethMusician for Bogotà.
I agree with the times you suggest: a jam is something good for steaming off, after conference hours and more towards beer o’clock :slight_smile:

so as for the gear I would listen to what Camilo can supply locally first, both Amplification and Instruments, and then try to source the rest.

also thanks for the headsup @tomosaito - a dj-ing drummer is always a precious resource!

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Hi @matlemad and @isdotlove

That sounds all great so far :slight_smile:

I have some updates today:

The space we’re planning for the Music stage will be outside in a tent, and there will be food trucks and a chill atmosphere. We think carpets as a stage is way nicer for a jam session than a real stage. Happy about your thoughts.

What we would need from you next is a detailed list of equipment we need to rent out and a cost estimation. We need that list and cost estimation until August 5. Does that work?

You don’t have to look for a vendor, we will take care to get a local vendor. But we need a list of instruments, amplifiers, speakers, wires - everything that we need to rent. And thank you @isdotlove , it’s amazing that you can provide much of the gear :slight_smile:

We also thought that some organization for the music stage needs to be planned beforehand. Do you have some ideas for inviting people to jam? Like having some kind of program so that the stage is not silent or empty.

You could also create some flyers that we can hand out to attendees during the conference. What do you think?


  • Send us list of equipment to rent & cost estimation until August 5
  • program & invite musicians
  • flyers



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Hey @Rose thanks for the heads up.

I’m personally afraid that setting the “stage” outside will expose the venue to weather uncertainty, let alone the fact that we will have to set up and dismantle the whole backline everyday.
I think the general feeling was to find an indoor space, a bit more interactive with the conference.
Let me know your thoughts and, if no alternative is available, we’ll make it work with the tent of course.

@isdotlove and Shaka will come with details soon.

best, Mat

Aloha @Rose !!!

Apologize for not being present here earlier. I have been making lots of music and friendships at many of the conferences. We are curating a document in a music telegram group including all the friends in this thread and more. Will post in the coming days here. Big thank you and Mahalo!!! Looking forward to this and we appreciate you.


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Thanks, @matlemad for the feedback!

While we have serious space limitations, we are looking to get the best accommodation for the music stage. We are looking to accommodate the food trucks and the music stage under the same tent to create a general atmosphere for the attendees to relax and enjoy themselves. We think it will create an amazing overall atmosphere in this area, while the conference space itself is more for talks, panels, and workshops. Coming back with more info about the need of dismantling the backline soon.


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Hey @Rose!

I actually agree with you that the music by the food trucks could create a great atmosphere. I’d be happy to help coordinate the set up and tear down of the back line as I have experience doing so. As long as there is electricity and the tent durable enough for rain protection it would be ok. Then also a safe place for gear to be stored.

I have sent in my application to be a volunteer lead via request of Skylar. We will have the info you requested ASAP before weeks end.



no worries and thanks for further investigating.
We’ll be happy to join by the food truck area!
Shaka and Camilo will follow up with details they have been prepping. all the best! m

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Amazing, thank you, everyone!

I talked to Natalia from production side, and she doesn’t think it will be necessary to dismantle each night.

Hi @matlemad, @SHAKA and @isdotlove

Now that we discussed and outlined the Music Stage, we’d also need a formal DIP on Github. Once you have the list on August 5, can you please submit it here:

Thank you! If you need help with submitting the DIP on Github, don’t hesitate to ask!


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