Music Sessions | Open Mic Stage

Live music is taking momentum at ETH events… DevConnect, SpaghettETH side events, ETHPrague (!!!), and Paris and Berlin haven’t happened yet.

Jamming live amongst devs, product mgrs, community leaders turns out to create unique bonds that stay and lead to respectful and balanced relationships. Plus, many many devs are actually f**king good musicians.

My suggestion is to make space for an open stage (ongoing or at given times), with a stage manager and a few session folks roaming around to help the sparkle.

min. space needed would 3x3 (mt)
we might have a possibility to source the backline locally (PA, mixer, mics, cables and perhaps some guitars and percs)

that would also be a good chance for local performers to showcase and busk some ETH


Hi Matteo, good to see you here.

Love the idea! The jam sessions in Prague were great. I really enjoyed those, so would love to see this happening in Bogota. Let’s try to get more musicians here to join the conversations


Hey Wesley! thanks for supporting!

I think what we shall figure out is:

  • Space availability at the Location (this is up to the Deva team to let us know)

  • Equipment (we should have a local ethMusician :slight_smile: already involved, and with connections)

  • Agenda (24/3? or spot hours?)

  • Funding for production and Rentals

  • In addition, I have started this little project to have a SongBook.sol powered dApp for all ETHMusicians to coordinate tune-materials before meeting and jamming

Best, M

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Hi @matlemad !

Love the jam session proposal! I will help answer all your questions and see how the Devcon team can support you in the best way to make the open stage happen. :slight_smile:

A list of equipment you might be able to bring and what we would need to rent would be great. And suggestions for equipment rentals in Bogotá and cost estimation.



hi @Rose thanks for reaching out. Let me figure out some specs with fellow ethMusicians and I’ll get back to you asap. have a nice week, M

perfect, thanks @matlemad

What do you think would be the best hours for the open stage? Maybe evenings after most programming is over? Or, if possible, outside during the days?

So, we have Devcon Hackathon first, and then Conference, correct?

For the Hack days, we could think of “around midnight” Jam or sound healing sessions, when devs are tired and willing to have a break.

For the Conference, I think anytime after 16:00 would be a good idea to run Open Jams to steam out.

Ideally, the music room would store all the equipment. We could also host music workshops during the day hours (Jordan can teach Ukelele and has an idea to buy a whole bunch of Ukes and ship them there).

The hackathon is from 7-9th October, on 10th Devcon other Devcon related events start, and on 11-14th official Devcon.

Personally, I like the idea of midnight jams during hack days! good way to let the brain go in diffuse thinking mode :slight_smile: Gonna find out more about the possibilities.

For the timing during the conference: Start around 6-6:30pm and till 8:00-9:00pm. How does that sound?

We can definitely provide a 3x3 space, yet to determine where it will bit located within the venue. Let me find out if workshops during the day would also work.