NEON Temple : A place for arts, communications, fun, mementos

Hello again

My name is Rinna, I am the founder of ArtGumi DAO, a small community of art enthusiasts who are working toward enhancing collaboration of Arts and Technology in crypto space.

After we proposed the idea last time, many people have kindly contacted me, so I had great chances to brainstorm and develop the idea further through weekly meetings within our community as well as many individual artists, engineers, developers, members of local and international communities such as ETH Padthai, as well as meeting the Ethereum Foundation team in person in Bangkok last month. We have developed the idea further and would like to make some changes from the previous DIP we posted.

Please allow me to introduce our developed idea of the “NEON TEMPLE


  • Create a place for arts in DevCon.
  • Blur the line between people of different professions.
  • Creating opportunities for participants to creatively communicate with others through art.
  • Enhancing fun and friendly atmosphere for participants of all levels and backgrounds.
  • Create the impactful memento for anyone to bring back after the event ends


Temple in SEA is not only a place for enlightenment, but also a place for community (making wishes, praying together, temple fair, festival, food sharing, ceremonies, education as well as art). In SEA mural arts in temples can be found anywhere. They mostly tell religious stories and philosophies as a long continuous scene around the 4 walls. Activities at SEA temple are mostly participatory basis. Many artists come together to paint the murals, other make food to share. If there are festivals or temple fairs, people would come to build them together.

In Ethereum Context

We could adapt the temple as the symbolic of community gathering to learn new thing, make a wish, as well as contribution to the ecosystem together, but with more modern visualisation.

We can create an area that have an essence of SEA temples with neon colours which glow under UV black light. There can be monitors or projection on walls showing art works under Ethereum related themes displaying in rotation. People who come to the area could

  • Make a wish / Leave messages by writing with neon markers on papers or provided wall
  • Decorate themselves with neon markers / dress up in neon colour SEA costumes
  • Take photos of themselves in the area as the mementos of DevCon
  • Enjoy the artworks on screen and/or take photo with them
  • The displayed artworks can be the submission from anyone who freely adapt and interpret the DEVA unicorn characters and /or Infinite Garden concept in their own ways. There is no need to curate the artworks. But we might need to have deadline for submission so we can prepare the set up.
  • Possibility to make artworks into POAPs?

Making it happen

We need,

  • A group of artists who would contribute in making the rich atmosphere + decorate the space
  • LED black light spotlight (need to research further about the price and unit number needed)
  • Plenty of neon markers in different colour + writing materials
  • Additional neon items for decoration i.e. stickers etc
  • Some SEA inspired costumes either rental or something simple that can be included as swag*
  • Area decoration items i.e. colour fabrics, ribbons, etc.
  • Some furnitures (desk, chairs) for people to write things
  • Monitors for displaying artworks
  • A room or an area which is quite dark (if the room is not available, it could do with an indoor tent with roof — to control the light)


  • POAPs or mementos from what people created in the area
  • Music / DJ booth

Reference : SEA temples


Reference : Temple fairs

Adaptation ideas with neon and black light


These photos are for getting the rough idea of how it can be. Not the final design yet.

As always we would love to hear everyone’s opinion and input on the idea so we can develop it further together. Please feel free to comment and share your ideas with us. Thank you so much for reading.


Additionally if we cannot have the closed room, we can still control the light within the space by having a tent like this as well.


Possible decorations


Love this…! Hope to see it come to life.


let make this hapen! Good luck to all of us <3


This would be a fun activity during Devcon!


Thank you so much for your kind words :star:


Thank you ! I hope so too! :star:

Thank you! :star: I hope everyone will enjoy it!

It looks fun! I like shiny, pretty stuff hehe❤️


Love the idea and the mood board - let’s make it happen!

Possibility to make artworks into POAPs?

just contacted the ppl from zuMeet: / GitHub - floAr/offuffsaf
Maybe we can use zumeet for this

The “messages with neon” reminded me a bit of this from 37c3 :wink:


Thank you Kior! I hope it’s going to be a meaningful place for everyone :sparkles:

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Thank you so much Ligi. Yes! the neon tape would work great in this too! I will write the proposal properly and please allow me to consult with you if we have some questions. :blush:


thanks - just LMK what you need - looking fwd!