Nimi Exclusive Devcon Theme πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄


Nimi is your web3 profile page hosted on your ENS domain! You can use Nimi as your traditional link-in-bio on social media and to connect with people at conferences. You can see my Nimi page here:

You can setup your Nimi page with all the sites and social links you want, you can even display your favourite POAPS! We then build an IPFS website and link it to your ENS address. We use IPNS records to allow users to do gasless redeploys - so you only have to do a transaction once - which sets the IPNS key on your ENS content record.

For Devcon we will have a custom Nimi theme, which is only accessible to those who own the Devcon POAP! Once you have the POAP you can easily change your theme within Nimi - without paying for gas (if you already setup your Nimi page beforehand) Sneak peak of the theme:

We’re also making custom phone backgrounds with a QR code linking to your Nimi page, so you can easily share contact details with people at the conference using your ENS site! See:

If you have an ENS domain try it out and let us know any feedback :slight_smile:

Looking forward to connecting with you all at Devcon using your Nimi page hosted on your ENS :fire:

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