Participating at Devcon 6

Hi everyone! I created a startup ( that will allow anyone in Latin America to save, spend and receive USD via USDC on a mobile app on their phones. We’re launching our app in a couple weeks and our team is based out of Bogotá. We’d love to explore the opportunity of actively participating at Devcon 6 later this year and even sponsoring the event. My email is, lets get in touch and make this happen!

  • Esteban
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Hi Esteban! So cool to know that there are local projects. I would love to connect to with you, last week I’ve met Clovis at Platzi. Lets connect on Telegram, my handle is juandavideth.


Hello, I would like to participate and speak at the Devon event in Bogota this October. Would love to organize a call and have a chat about speaking opportunities. My e-mail address is: .
I’ve attended a few ETH events, last one was in Dubai last month and would love to participate at one of the next ones. As a personal introduction I’m a lawyer by profession, with a phd and masters specializing in Cybercrime and the interception of communications. I moved from working as an in house lawyer of a Global Crypto Broker and Market Maker to setting up my own company 5 years ago advising in crypto and am currently advising on some good projects. I am also on the board of a company building a crypto merchant acquiring solution (similar to coin payments). Lastly I am a true academic and regularly publish pieces on topical articles (eg most recently on the implications on Defi of the travel rule on the horizon, correlation between stablecoins and Defi and potential affect on regulating stablecoins). Would love to get in touch and participate at one of Ethereum’s upcoming events.

Hey @Justinesh - Great to hear you’d like to participate in Devcon VI!

We will be opening our call for speakers in the next month and will be sharing information on how to apply, what info to provide regarding what you’d like to speak or present, when you can expect to hear back on the status of your application, as well as other ways to get involved.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly by emailing the team at