POAPs Deployment

Dear Ethereum community,

It is great to have this space to propose and discuss ideas related to Devcon.

As you are already aware, the Proof of Attendance Protocol intends to give people a taste of “true ownership” by giving them a collectible that can’t be seized. Once they get that, POAP also facilitate other tools to experiment with decentralized technologies.

I am head of BizOps at Welook.io’s agency vertical.
Our agency is endorsed by POAP.xyz.
We deploy both POAP drops and POAP value and we would like to take ownership on Devcon’s 2022 POAP’s deployment.

There are several applications on the POAP ecosystem, see this non-exhaustive list:

  • POAP.vote (www.poap.vote )
    A website for anyone to run polls where the participants need to hold certain POAP for being elligible to vote.
    This product is fully functional, free to use for both organizers and voters and could be very helpful for polling about devcon decisions asking the holders of the Devcon or other events.
  • POAP.fun (www.poap.fun )
    A website for anyone to run raffles where the eligibility criteria are POAP tokens.
    Lots of Ethereum meetups (ETHChicago, Ethereum Buenos Aires, ETHBerlin, Ethereum Los Angeles, ETHLondon, EthSantiago, Ethereum Kuala Lumpur, etc) have been using POAP and sometimes this communities have little representation in devcon because of the travel costs. Discounted devcon tickets (or actually anything) can be raffled across different groups of interest.
    As with POAP.vote, everything is free for both the organizer and the participants. Both products use signed message brokering so no transactions are submitted to mainnet, eliminating the need of ETH to pay for mining fees.

There are several different ways to issue POAPs. In the case of Devcon 2022 the main objective to accomplish are:

  • Every participant gets a POAP NFT distributed together with cool swag.
  • Nobody (to a reasonable extent) can get more than one POAP
  • It’s not possible to associate a POAP to a physical person (delivery process needs to preserve privacy)

We successfully deployed Devconnect’s Cowork Space (Amsterdam 2022).
These 3 objectives were achieved. The POAPs redemption QR codes were handed out on a PIN Holder card together with a custom pin and 1045 tokens were minted.

For Devcon Bogotá 2022 our baseline target is to achieve the same 3 core objectives, and ideally:

  1. to increase education and adoption by using the tokens on differents parts of the experience, for example as awards for the winners of the Treasure Hunt Game
  2. to enable POAP Moments, welook’s new Feature: once a POAP is minted, you can upload images (‘moments’) of the event onto that POAP to commemorate the event in which the POAP was distributed.
  3. to deploy POAPs as well for speakers, the many booths/activities/activations, side events, etc.

The wish of both welook and POAP core team is that the activities around Devcon are designed and executed by the community, so we kindly invite everyone to join this topic expressing your interest on participating in this initiative and sharing your thoughts.

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Great to have POAPs for this event. I’ve been collecting them. Can they be locked to a location (e.g. Bogota) to ensure I can’t get a POAP for attending devcon in person w/out traveling on location?

And, can we offer a carbon footprint measurement for GETTING to Bogota for this event with each POAP?

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Hi @sofiasabini

We’re looking very much forward to giving Devcon attendees a great POAP experience.
Happy that POAP agency is working on that :slight_smile:

For everyone else:
We’d love to see some integrations with other DIPs.
So go and present us your ideas on how to integrate POAPs :unicorn:

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Hi there!
Thanks for your feedback.

The chosen distribution method for Devcon’s Drop are QR Printed Cards.
Each one of them has a different QR code which can be minted only once.
They will be distributed to each attendee during the registration process.