Proposed location: INDIA [Bengaluru]

Proposed location: INDIA [Bengaluru]

Why is Bengaluru the best place to host Devcon VII? Convince us :slightly_smiling_face:
[High level overview]

Answer the following questions to see if your suggested city matches our key criteria to host the next Devcon:

Country and Entry

1. What are the visa restrictions for the country?

  • India offers various types of visas, including tourist, business, and conference visas, which would accommodate attendees of Devcon VII.
  • E-visa facilities make it easier for international travelers to apply for and obtain visas online, reducing bureaucratic hassles.

2. How easy is the international access?

  • Bengaluru is home to Kempegowda International Airport, which is well-connected to major international hubs. It offers direct flights to and from many major cities worldwide.
  • The city’s central location within Asia makes it accessible to participants from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

3. What about the safety and political stability of the region?

  • India, including Bengaluru, is known for its political stability and safety. The city has a low crime rate, and the government ensures the safety of its residents and visitors.

4. How expensive are venue rentals, accommodation, food, and transport?

  • Bengaluru offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget to luxury, catering to diverse budgets.
  • Food in Bengaluru is known for its variety and affordability, including options for different dietary preferences.
  • Public transportation, such as the metro and buses, is cost-effective, and ride-sharing services are widely available.

5. What is the climate during Q3/Q4?

  • Bengaluru experiences a pleasant climate during Q3/Q4, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 29°C (68°F to 84°F). This is ideal for outdoor activities and conferences.

City and Venue

1. How easy is the transportation in the city (between venues, airport, etc.)?

  • Bengaluru has a well-developed transportation system, including an efficient metro, buses, and ride-sharing services, ensuring easy connectivity between venues and the airport.

2. Are there modern venues (WiFi/Maneuverability/Catering)?

  • Bengaluru boasts modern conference facilities and venues equipped with high-speed WiFi, excellent maneuverability, and catering services that can meet the needs of large conferences like Devcon VII.

3. Are there venues with the capacity to host between 5-10k+ people?

  • Yes, Bengaluru has convention centers and venues capable of accommodating 5,000 to 10,000+ attendees, making it suitable for Devcon VII.

4. What are attractions in or around the city, and how close are they to the venue?

  • Bengaluru offers a rich cultural experience with attractions like historic temples, gardens, and vibrant markets. It’s also close to popular tourist destinations like Mysore and Hampi, which are easily accessible by road or rail.

Ethereum Community and Impact

1. How does the Ethereum community look like in this region (e.g.: existing large community/ small but growing rapidly, etc.)?

  • The Ethereum community in India is vibrant and growing rapidly. There are numerous blockchain and Ethereum-focused startups, developers, and enthusiasts in Bengaluru and other major cities.

2. What is the potential of Ethereum to have an impact in that region?

  • India presents a significant opportunity for Ethereum to drive blockchain adoption in various sectors, including finance, supply chain, and governance, due to its large and tech-savvy population.

3. How is hosting Devcon in that city benefiting the Ethereum ecosystem?

  • Hosting Devcon in Bengaluru would catalyze the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem in India and foster collaboration between local and global blockchain communities. It would also provide a platform to showcase Ethereum’s potential in solving real-world problems in a country with diverse challenges.

Concerns and Downsides

1. What are possible risks?

  • Possible risks could include logistical challenges associated with organizing a large conference, such as traffic congestion and accommodation availability, but these can be mitigated with proper planning.

2. What could be the downsides?

  • Language barriers might be a concern for some attendees, but English is widely spoken in Bengaluru, and language assistance can be provided.
  • While India offers affordability, economic disparities might pose challenges for some attendees, but the diverse range of accommodations and services can accommodate different budgets.

Additional Information

  • Bengaluru is known as India’s Silicon Valley, making it an ideal location for a tech-oriented conference like Devcon.
  • The city’s diverse and inclusive culture would welcome attendees from all backgrounds.
  • India’s rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem aligns with Ethereum’s goals of decentralization and innovation, making it a strategic choice for hosting Devcon VII.


You have surely seen the exciting news that Devcon 7 will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand in November! :thailand: We want to say thank you for your effort and enthusiasm in drafting your proposal for Bengaluru!

We truly appreciate your proposal and dedication, and we’ll keep all proposals in mind for future years, and we are sure other event organizers will find the information helpful as well!

Thank you again & we look forward to seeing continued growth of Ethereum communities worldwide :heartpulse:

Devcon team :unicorn: