Proposed Location: Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Proposed location: Jakarta (megapolitan city) or Bali (tropical island), Indonesia

Why is Jakarta or Bali is the best place to host Devcon VII? Convince us :slightly_smiling_face:

Indonesia is the most populous country in South East Asia with young demography and thriving economy :wink:

Answer the following questions to see if your suggested city matches our key criteria to host the next Devcon:

Country and Entry

1. What are the visa restrictions for the country?

Indonesia launched Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) for 86 countries. Online application is also available.

2. How easy is the international access?

Both Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta) and Ngurah Rai (Bali) airports are accesible globally.

3. What about the safety and political stability of the region?

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy introduced InDOnesia CARE, a symbol of support for Indonesia’s strong effort in implementing the cleanliness, health, safety, and environment protocols across the tourism industry as mandatory precautions. All to assure travelers that InDOnesia CARE for your safety, health, hygiene and comfort.

4. How expensive are venue rentals, accommodation, food, and transport?

Indonesia is very affordable as it is ranked number 81 in the cost of living index

5. What is the climate during Q3/Q4?

24 to 32 degree celcius range

City and Venue

1. How easy is the transportation in the city (between venues, airport, etc.)?

Airport train is available from Soekarno Hatta Airport to city center and vice versa.

Ride-haling services (Gojek or Grab) are widely used, providing a quick and easy way to travel by car or motorcycle. Blue Bird taxi is also recommended.

2. Are there modern venues (WiFi/Maneuverability/Catering)?

Many options in Jakarta and Bali: (Jakarta city center) (Jakarta suburb - Serpong) (Bali) (Bali)

3. Are there venues with the capacity to host between 5-10k+ people?


4. What are attractions in or around the city, and how close are they to the venue?

The Official Website of Indonesia Tourism - Indonesia Travel

Ethereum community and Impact

1. How does the Ethereum community look like in this region (e.g.: existing large community/ small but growing rapidly, etc.)?

Small ethereum community but growing rapidly. Crypto is the next big thing in Indonesia with the government supporting it.

2. What is the potential of Ethereum to have an impact in that region?

A developing country with young demography while also being the most populous country and the biggest economy in South East Asia.

3. How is hosting Devcon in that city benefiting the Ethereum ecosystem?

Indonesia can be a hotbed for growth due to its country’s young demography and potential. Government open arm policy/support is also an important factor. G20 summit was recently held in Bali (2022).

Concerns and Downsides

Every location has its pros and cons. It’s important to also consider the potential downsides.

  1. What are possible risks?

    Monsoon season in Indonesia is from October to March. There may be heavy rain and floods that affect part of the city. The climate of Indonesia is almost entirely tropical hence humid.

  2. What could be the downsides?

    Traffic can be bad in Jakarta on some days so it’s better to choose accomodation close to the venue.

Additional Information

Please add any extra information you want.

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