Proposed Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾

Beautiful country surrounded by talented peoples. Try us!!

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As a KL native, welcome all the ethereans!

If you are coming: Download Yoodo app and buy the local esim inside 2 days before arrival. 20GB data + 100 mins talktime = RM 25 per month on Celcom infra, 2nd best in the country!

+1 for KL - great in terms of location, price, accessibility. Downside is that Israelis will find it difficult. :frowning:

I would definitely love to see DevCon 7 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KL has so much to offer, be it the food, the community, culture-rich environment and so much more! The top 10 reasons in the main post really summarizes it all.

YAS! Finally~!

Malaysia would be the best place to chat, chill and mingle. Food is excellent, lodging is cheap and everything is relatively close by within KL itself.

Language wouldn’t be too much of an issue if you speak English, even the roadside aunties can come up with some epic jokes.

Learn some bahasa along the way and you will get a discount from street stalls for sure hahah

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KL please! Awesome food, awesome infrastructure, awesome people and awesome nightlife!

So many devs around South East Asia will be able to participate devcon in KL because of how affordable it is to travel, eat and stay in Malaysia.

People here are warm and of various races and ethnicity - since we’re expecting devs of various nations, they would feel right at home because it’s a melting pot here with people groups from all over the world!

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I may add that Kuala Lumpur is also accessible to go to these venues. Kuala Lumpur has one of the best public transport systems in the region. The public transport network stretches to the whole Klang Valley (The Greater Area of Kuala Lumpur). It has numerous types of transportation modes such as buses, trains, rails, taxis, and Grab (it is like Uber).

the most famous public transport would be the rail network. The city has Light Rapid Transit (LRT), Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), commuter rails, monorails, and airport rail links. All of these rails are connected to each other and allow visitors to explore Kuala Lumpur from airport to the whole city.

Here is the transit map of the whole network. Coming from the airport and the whole greater area of Kuala Lumpur!

I believe this would help people to know too that KL can be great in moving crowds from all over the place in KL!

Source: Rapid KL - Integrated Transit Map - MyRapid


Lesgooo Malaysia Best

I want to emphasize on the english competency here. Its not like, just the hotel receptionist or the convenient store cashier can speak english, practically everyone around Kuala Lumpur can speak english. Poor english, sure, but understandable english. To sum up in one word, Malaysia is “easy”.

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I wholeheartedly concur! Malaysia would be an ideal destination for DevCon, given the abundance of developers and frequent hackathons. It’s high time for DevCon to be held in Malaysia.

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A great place for buidlers who enjoy food and tropical scenery!

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yo the proposal is sick! lets do this! :rocket::rocket::rocket:
btw I was one of the folks who worked on the bengaluru proposal and KL seems like an amazing option too!

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Builders community is growing here too! You can see familiar malaysian faces in hackathons, conference and meetups! Hope to bring DevCon to Malaysia!!

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Speaking as a Malaysian who’s returned after a 7 year hiatus, I’m glad to see my country growing and people proposing it here! It definitely feels like things have changed for the better since I left - a country on the up and up.

The food was always the best though.

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YES! Finally ~~ lets do this! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

This is exciting! Let’s bring DevCon to KL. We have very vibrant builder communities around, and we have been known to have the friendliest folks in the region. The city is well equipped with amenities and essential infrastructure to run a big conference like DevCon. For the food lovers, this place will definitely not disappoint you. So, why not? Let’s make another memorable DevCon in KL.

This will be HUGE for Malaysia, and the ENTIRE SOUTHEAST ASIA continent, let’s all make it happen TOGETHER :rocket: :new_moon:

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my second choice after Vietnam.

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Hey Harith!

You have surely seen the exciting news that Devcon 7 will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand in November! :thailand: We want to say thank you here in the Forum to all of you who put effort and enthusiasm into drafting an incredibly detailed proposal for Kuala Lumpur! :clap:

We truly appreciate your proposal and dedication, and while we are excited about hosting Devcon 7 in Bangkok, we imagine that Devcon will resonate with the whole Southeast Asia region, and we’re calling it Devcon SEA! :earth_asia::lotus:

:seedling: The Road to Devcon is ongoing, and if you’re local, community-driven, and want to organize a meetup or educational initiative, check out the Road to Devcon grants:

For updates about Devcon 7 SEA, keep an eye on & Twitter.

Devcon team :unicorn: