Proposed Location: Tel Aviv, Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Proposed location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Why is Tel Aviv the best place to host Devcon VII? Convince us :slightly_smiling_face:

Very tourist friendly, walkable, secure and cosmopolitan city, in the heart of the middle east and one of the best infrastructures there.

Also a high developed startup & R&D country and getting more crypto friendly every day.

Answer the following questions to see if your suggested city matches our key criteria to host the next Devcon:

Country and Entry

1. What are the visa restrictions for the country?

Depend of the origin, but mostly require just tickets.

2. How easy is the international access?

Very easy, plenty of flights and also ships to access.

3. What about the safety and political stability of the region?

Even though there is a conflict with palestinians, Israel is considered very safe to visit, as the army is everywhere to protect citizens and tourists.

4. How expensive are venue rentals, accommodation, food, and transport?

Israeli Shekel is less expansive than US Dollar (almost 4 to 1), Tel Aviv has plenty of venues which could host such an event as it already did plenty.

5. What is the climate during Q3/Q4?

Normally mild.

City and Venue

1. How easy is the transportation in the city (between venues, airport, etc.)?

Very easy, plenty of options (bus, train, uber-like apps, cabsโ€ฆ)

2. Are there modern venues (WiFi/Maneuverability/Catering)?

Being a startup nation, it is very easy to access any service required for making Devcon.

3. Are there venues with the capacity to host between 5-10k+ people?


4. What are attractions in or around the city, and how close are they to the venue?

Beaches, nightclubs, historical sites, museums, tech companies buildings, and a lot more.

Jerusalem is also a 1h trip from Tel Aviv.

Haifa is also just 2h from there.

Ethereum community and Impact

1. How does the Ethereum community look like in this region (e.g.: existing large community/ small but growing rapidly, etc.)?

Existing but still small, a Devcon conference would surely attract a lot of attention and capital to Ethereum.

2. What is the potential of Ethereum to have an impact in that region?


3. How is hosting Devcon in that city benefiting the Ethereum ecosystem?

Being able to recruit new developers, enterpreneurs, builders and so on.

Concerns and Downsides

Every location has its pros and cons. Itโ€™s important to also consider the potential downsides.

  1. What are possible risks?

War with palestine, but this risk is very small and affects Tel Aviv much less than the other cities.

  1. What could be the downsides?

Maybe some arab countries/participants would not like it, but most of them already recognize Israel and it should be no big issue.

It should also help foster peace in the region.

Additional Information

Feel free to DM me if you have any question! I can help!

Please add any extra information you want.

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Tel Aviv is an amazing city, and has many great attributes that Iโ€™m sure would lead to an amazing conference.

However, the costs of Tel Aviv should be noted. Tel Aviv was recently ranked as the most expensive city in the world, which Iโ€™m sure would make it difficult for some to afford the trip. Specifically, I imagine accomidations would be challenging to afford.

This could potentially be alleviated if discounted accommodations were available to attendees. Most other expenses could be avoided (food & drink is typically provided by the conference & side events, and flights are not particularly expensive).


Thatโ€™s a solid point, accommodations it is really expensive here.
There are some other possibilities like hostels which can easily agree to provide groups discounts

Any case, the community here is pretty big and still growing,
Starkware sessions was awesome and this May we have the Tel Aviv blockchain week (BTC, ETH, Cosmos and others)