Remote Volunteer Position

Hi there team! My name is Julian Wahl and I recently found the Ethereum Devcon community. I was too late to be considered for the Devcon Scholars Program Coordinator role but I am so passionate about this project I wanted to offer my time as a volunteer! I would have applied online using the form however I will not be able to physically attend the conference in Bogota – but would love to help out with organization, special projects or anything the team needs.

Let me know if I can add value anywhere :slight_smile: excited to meet the awesome people in this community that share my thoughts

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Hi @jwahl

Welcome to the Ethereum community. :unicorn:
Happy to see you are enthusiastic about Devcon, and thank you for offering your help as a volunteer! :slight_smile:

We are planning something that might be of interest to you: Devcon Satellite events around the world. The idea is to let the community create events that broadcast talks and panels from Devcon. We want to give the opportunity to foster a community amongst those who can’t make it to Devcon in Bogotá and bring a part of Devcon to other places of the world.

We will have more info about how to propose and create a Devcon Satellite event in the coming weeks. I’ll make sure to share it with you!

Have a great weekend!