Rewards to designers of the ETH2 launch POAP

These days the ethereum network is the most popular platform for running smart contracts. As the technology evolved, more than 40 other networks have emerged with similar value propositions, and they all want to run stuff that nowadays run on ethereum.

A strong ecosystem of communities is arguably the best defense ethereum has to remain the leader.

POAP has started a community initiative for celebrating the launch of the beacon chain of which more details can be read here:

We would like the Devcon team to consider providing a free ticket for the winner (and maybe a 50% discount for the runner up) to incentivize the designers and nurture the community activity, specially in a context where most the attention seems to have been capture by defi.

Thanks for your support!

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I think this is a interesting idea but as the ticketing is still not yet decided and it is about money (free ticket) it will need more discussion. The Devcon team will look into this at a later point when things like ticketing and finances are settled more.

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